Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part One

In about 1984 or so, Citadel released a series of huge monsters and war machines mostly sculpted by Tony Ackland. The Dwarf Juggernaut is one of these big beasties. I’ve acquired three of these kits and now that I am starting a Dwarf army thought I’d actually build and paint one. It’ll help reduce the litter on the play room floor as well. Then I’ll work out some rules for it as no-one has found any and rumours on the web indicate that Citadel never intended it to be gamed with. Well times change and with the Empire steam tank rattling around battlefields, and all those Chaos Dwarf warmachines…

Here’s one that has been assembled:

That one will be the guide to assembling the others along with the original guidance notes:

Sifting through the pile of bits, I had to disassemble part built sections immersing them in hot water to dissolve the glue. Then I had to make an ivnetory of what I had, and make sure I had all the pieces – yes and no. Some piece are damaged, and I think I have about 1/4 of another model !

So one full kit identified…

The main problem with the model was it was made out of soft lead alloy, and it is a well known problem that the axles don’t take the weight and bend and eventually break. You can see the effect on the built model (missing a wheel as well):

The original instructions even make reference to this and suggest the axles are replaced with brass rod or tube. Seeing as several of the axles have broken, then that’s what I’ll be doing with the assistance of Byakhee Rich (aka Driller killer).

So time to pack them up and get them sorted for the next stage:

A very useful box – though when I first got it, I was a bit surprised !

It was full of lead figures, and the sender was an ex-Policeman.

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