The Playroom

Luckily I have an entire room to fill with my toy soldiers. It’s about 14×9 foot in size with an additional full size cupboard. Its west south west facing so has good natural light. One room this size should be enough for all but the most fanatical…Only…after 8 years of being unattended by a responsible adult, and the experience of building models that exponentially increase the volume required to store figures…leads to chaos…:-

Its out of control:-

And I can’t even get to the table to paint:

Let alone sit down:

And now we can see the geological layers:

Can I put my great big hoofing feet anywhere ?

Let’s look out the window…

From left to right on the window sill:

  • A Bag of giant parts…a whole Marauder giant in fact.
  • A couple of Old Giants
  • Two TA Orc Wyverns
  • Another Giant
  • Mongol Princess by Copplestone
  • Sloppy Jaloppy Austin Armoured Car
  • Golfags Ogres, the originals…
  • The Great White Mastdaon (don’t ask)
  • Artillery from Copplestone and Brigade Games
  • Plastic GW Giant

Of course a few figures have fallen off due to feline activity…

So my project is to make this room a fit and suitable room for adults, and able to be used for painting and model making.

What’s this ?

Could it be three Dwarf Juggernauts ?

Could be said the mild mannered janitor…

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