WHFB: Dwarfs vs High Elves

Byakhee Anthony & I had a game today, 2000 points each. We don’t know these armies very well as he is a Dwarf player (not HE), and I am a DE (not Dwarf) player. DE and HE are similar but not the same, there are notable differences.

With only 2000 points we didn’t have much room for variation.

I went with:

  • 30 Warriorerererers, BSB and Thane
  • 20 Iron Breakers, and Thane – a novel move as neither of us have ever used them
  • 20 Quarrellerererers, plus Thane
  • 10 Thunderererers
  • Grudge Thrower
  • Organ Gun
  • Runelord & Runesmith

Whilst Anthony took:

  • 12 Shadow Warriors, with their General: Alith Anar, comes with Moobbow (hiss spit)
  • 24 Spearmen, BSB
  • 20 Lothern Sea Guard
  • 13 Phoenix Guard, with Arch Mage (Lvl 3 Wiz)
  • 7 Swordmasters
  • 6 Silverhelms, with Mage, yes and they really can have barded horses (grrrrr)
  • Giant Eagle

Anthony deployed his General w Moon Bow, and the Shadow warriors in the renovated woods…my deplopyment was not optimal but I had not known which scenery area he was going to use, c’est la vie.

My Organ gun destroyed his Sowrdsmasters with one shot. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s sitting here, and he’s not smiling !

However, his Heavy Cavalry (Silverhelms) backed by his mage and Giant Eagle swooped in onto the Thundererererers, and wiped them out in short ordeer, following up onto said Organ Gun. (At least one was drunk after smelling some ale, and fell off of his horse as you can see)

…before moving on to the Grudge Thrower. Well we all have artiullery hunting units, I’ve just never seen Heavy Cavalry deployed in this mode.

I think it was reasonably effective.

…he said….

My Warrirorrererers and Quarellerererers charged his Pohoenix Guard and amde them run away after some casualties, my Iron Guard charged his Spearmen and failed to break them. At which point his Shadow Warrioers flank charged them and after turn broke them, but failed to catch them, at which point them turned round and slugged it out. The Warriorrererers, were rear charegd by the the calalry saw them off, who fled off the table, leaving them to charge down the Mage and Giant Eagle who ahd defeated the Grudgethrower crerew. The Phoenix Guard came back for a second shot at the Quarrellererers, who slugged it out buit were eventually destroyed. (So Shambles’ crew again proved their worth, looks like they’re next to be painted, and as we all now, paintd troops get a +1 modifier in combat).

Overall, Anthony’s HE won, but again I drew valuable lessons – the IB were not as effective as I’d hoped, Shambles and co were better. Deployment is all, for Dwarfs.

The marsh on my left, proved to be the biggest obstacle for both Anthony’s and my troops.

BoB: Colourful White Russians Project โ€“ 2 & Books

As commented previously I’ve done an order with Military History Books to get hold of some Gauntlet publication books on the RCW thatare translated from Russion. The first tranche of the order arrived today:

  • White Armies of the Russian Civil War, 1917-1922
  • Nationalist Armies of the Russian Civil War, 1917-1922
  • Armoured Automobiles of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1920
  • Tanks fo the Russian Civil War

They’re obviously following the Osprey pattern, but are full size A4 books:

I’ve read the first book on the White Armies as that is primary interest, and found that my apparently alohisotrical Colourful White Russians, aren’t that alohisotrical…

Yes, the General Alekseev Partissan Infantry Division used white and blue !

They were raised in the Don region (February 1918), escaped in the Ice March, and took part in the Kuban campaign which is probably where the picture of the mounted officer I found comes from. This means that they are appropriate for the campaign I ahd in mind where Germans, Bolsheviks, Whites and nationalists mixed it up around the Don/Kuban regions in Autumn 1918

The books themselves contain a heck of a lot of information, including a lot of photographs that I have not seen before. Well worth the money, and I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the order.

Here’s some WIP for my figures, and I hope to finish them off this w/e:




The new books have given me some ideas for some flags for this Colourful regiment. ๐Ÿ™‚

WHFB: Dark Elf Black Guard

Way back in Forces of Fantasy, Dark Elves had Dark Guard which have obviously mutated into the modern Black Guard.

So as an elite unit I had to get this looking good, I think I have. The look of distaste on Byakhee Rich, Jim and Anthony’s faces sorts of confirms that.

So how not to paint them just black. But not make them bright and colourful ?

Well I did my normal black undercoat, did the flesh as usual. I then highlighted the robes with Foundry Charcoal Black, and the armour with Citadel/GW Boltgun metal. When dry I then gave a Badab Black wash over all of them. This gives them just enough colour to not be flat black, but not make the robes grey, nor the armour too shiney. It’s the technique I use for my BUF and many other figures, such as the Colourful White Russians’ trousers that will be upcoming.

next, I wanted the Halberds to be nice and recognisable. So I painted them bolt gun metal and progressively highlighted them up all the way to Mithril silver and forn the commander used Skull White on the very edge. Helps them look really sharp and nasty, which is what I wanted.

Halberds though are quite large, and ranking up the figures becomes a problem. For the first 20 Black Guard I did, I didn’t get that quite right:

As you can see with the left hand figure, that halberd is going to get in the way in the unit. The middle figure is not what you should do, the right hand figure is correctly posed using the diagonal slotta-base.

(When I wer young, all these slotta bases came with both diagonal and horizontal slots, said the old codger nursing a pint in the dim recesses of an old pub deep in his mind)

For the next 20 or so I have will take this into consideration, and get them to rank up properly.

And just to give them a little bit of colour, I painted the mane on the back/top of the helmets purple:

I used Foundry Purple Shade, washed it black and then used the mid shade only to highlight.

As you can see from the photo, you can just make out the dark grey highlight and the dark purple. metal in hand, its easier to see.

The final trick I used, was to use Purity Seal spray to varnish all the figures. And then, I went back with a gloss varnish and painted the helmets, shoulder guards, and halberds to make them glisten without being too bright. I don’t use gloss generally, but this really helps those elements stand out and catch the light.

Finally, today I finished off a custom movement tray for them.

WHFB: Dwarf Cannon

Back in the dim geological age that I started playing WHFB, black powder weapons were extremely rare, and the only cannon to be had was the Citadel Dwarf Cannon, and mightily was it feared. So when I played the game on Monday and had to resort to using the original model I thought it’d be worth showing as it didn’t feature in any of the photographs in any of the Citadel Compendiums nor Journals.

Here it is:

Painted some 15-20 years ago, you can again see some progression in my painting techniques.

It had five crew

The cannon came in two pieces, and was later released in a blister pack for Bretonnian forces as well.

I think mine is currently painted using enamel paints.

You can see the scale creep when comparing the largest of the orignal crew with a more modern (but still OOP) 1990’s Dwarf Engineer figure bought off of e-bay:

I have a second set loitering in my artillery case awaiting a dab of paint and may get a base etc.

ISTR that it also came with an extra barrel of black powder. I never got the original set myself, it was always second hand.

WHFB: Dark Elf Witches

Hmm, chainmail bikini clad babes…sorry…but really how on earth do you key them in with the rest of the army ?

I decided to go with ice cold blue hair as Witch Elves (according to the fluff, they’re not real apparently, or so I’m told) dye their hair whacky colours. So that carries over to the sashes and banners of the other units:

The sashes are also dark green to help them tie in with the rest of my forces.
Here’s the command group:

The standard is often used to act as the BSB in my armies and is the Death Hag that comes equipped with the Altar of Khaine. A non-GW Witch Elf BSB is in the works to be used instead of this one. Again, I have used Gold to help key the unit in to the rest of the army.

Mission Impossible: Accomplished

The three Mission Impossible have been mostly completed.

Clawed went to the vets for this morning to have the stitches out. He’d managed to break out of Prison Utter Terror, Pain and Indignity (my house) three times. Twice I caught him in the garden, and the third time Black Jack herded him home when I’d gone out calling for him down the drive and lane. yes, it really was Black Jack herding him.

Clawed had also removed the collar once, and I’d replaced it, much to my surprise, as putting one of those things on a cat whose rear you couldn’t/shouldn’t put under pressure was difficult.

The vetette[1], declared she was happy with his wound having healed up and removed the stitches and removed the collar which I was allowed to bring home… ?

And the Cat Door (kitchen bay window) is now open again, much to all the Cats’ pleasure, and my own as having to live in a stuffy house in this awful muggy weather has not been nice given my liking for fresh cool air.

Now, all I need to do is get Black Jack to catch Mr Mole, he’s beein sitting watching the mole hills grow on my lawn so he knows something is down there, it’s only a matter of time I hope.

[1] As adapted from Little Big Man, where Humans are Human Beans. Bean = man. Beanette = Woman. Beanling = child.
Vet = Male mutilator and torturer of cats. Vetette = Female mutilator and torturer of cats. At this point I should comment, that Clawed was a stray I rescued, and he has an obvious aversion to women, and I suspect he was abused such is his aversion.He’ll put up with the Byakhees, large noisy and partially insanitry as they are, but if a woman comes into the house he’s off like a shot.

Mordheim: Dwarves

So here’s some pictures of my (painted) Mordheim Dwarves, before the box is shuffled back into the geologic strata in the Playroom.

First, some Slayers. The original Mordheim Slayer, and then a long OOP Warhammer Slayer:

Throbbin DEath-Eye, a slayer from the Dwarf Lords of Legend boxed set:

All three of these slayers also feature in my Dwarf Slayer unit, all of which are unique models I’ve collected over the last 20 years.

Shambles their leader (again), one of the very old C06 Dwarves.


Mike Kane (a different copy of the figure to the one I use for WHFB, that other one was painted by Byakhee Tom):

Clansmen, mostly old Dwarf Adventurers:

These clansmen were painted between 10-20 years ago, and you can see the changes in basing techniques I’ve used:


And two non-Citadel/GW figures. The one on the left is an old Harlequin/BTD and the one on the right is from Asgard who did a small but very good range:

Now all I need to do is paint my WHFB Dwarf Army.

WHFB Dwarves vs Orcs & Goblins



So off to the House of Doom I went.

First upset was when I opened my case of Dwarves and found…not artillery…I distinctly remember choosing the box with the tag labelled: Dwarf – Artillery. 35 minutes later it had mutated into a box labelled: Dwarf – Mordheim & Collectors. Obviously I need glasses, or some sort of Ward save for the battlewagon to ensure that the malign and evil magick of the House of Doom does not transmute artillery into collectible but very distinctly NOT artillery crew. On the upside, the box did contain the original pre-slotta cannon and crew… ๐Ÿ™‚

Now as previously noted, Byakhee Jim has used lots of artillery, and came a cropper last game almost losing it as I matched him. We then both went away and refined our army lists. I’m on a learning curve here, plus somewhat (slightly self imposed) by what troops I have. My army was essentially the same, and his was totally different.

Here’s the stating positions:

And his half way through their first move.

Yes, he had a single unit of 140 Night Goblins, souped up with Skarsnick, at least one Night Goblin Boss and a Black Orc Hero. he did only have 3 artillery pieces…

Skarsnisk’s special rules manet that Mike Kane’s unit of Thunderers turned up late – Mike Kane is the old Citadel Dwarf dressed in British Colonial uniform with pith helmet, so taking the pith he is Mike Kane from now on, and he really did spot a lot of Goblins. And his unit really did survive….more later…

My Rangererers popped up on his flank.

Battle commenced with the first round looking good for me with an exchange of artillery fire.

Then his units closed in on mine.

His boars riders charged my Quarrellerererers, ouch. Backed up by his Shaman on Wolf, oh dear.
At thjis point I found that the Boar riders had a Lord, and two Heroes embedded in it. Luckily a combination of Dangerous terrain and “stand and shoot” had had some effect and they were only down to ten boar riders. This time, I had upgraded Shambles, the leader of the Quarrellerererers to a Thane, and I had also added a Runesmith Harald Goldvein into them as well. These two guys were the turning point for the battle.

Though the Boar rider unit did far more damage than the Quarrellerererers I rolled snake eyes, and they held. Phew ! Over the next rounds of combat despite a flank charge from a souped up Snotling Pump Wagon they held before eventual defeat leaving 3 boar riders and the pump wagon left. A quick tally of PV showd a 2:1 victory for Shambles and the Quarrellerererers.

One of my aims was to ‘shut down’ the magic phase, which i did very well. In virtually all rounds I ended up with more dispel dice than he had power dice, and I also enjoyed a +5 Dispel modifier. From memory, only 2 spells went off in the entire game.

Jim was by now realising the Dwarves are a lot harder to kill than poncy Dark Elves. He is now also especially leary of Organ guns, given one had blown a pump wagon to pieces, and Grudge Throwers had destroyed two of his chariots (the ones he’d meant to hunt the artillery with). The Rangererers had disposed of one of his stonethrowers, and one of his doom divers had self destructed.

However, all was not going so well with the Troll slayers. 140 Night Goblins, armed with bows, with poison make short work of 20 Slayers, even if they are led by Buddy the Giant Slayer. We’re talking about ~78 bow shots here, and even the Rune of Grugni that I had on the Hammererers’ Standard next to them couldn’t save them. After the initial carnage I simply had to move the hammererers, Slayererers, and Warriorerers into combat with this horde of Goblins – no point standing there and being shot to pieces. Jim did have to resort to blowing on his dice when rolling the third round of shooting after the second round has not shown any poisoned hits – I joked his breath was so bad it poisoned the dice !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Hammerers charged first, waded through the inevitable 3 Night Goblin Fanatics and locked into combat. the Warriorererers followed suit, the Slayererers having long since expired in a pile of arrow sodden corpses.

I made a tactical miastake in challenging his characters with my Lord on Shield beaers, I easily disposed of the Goblin Boss tossed at my Lord’s feet, but that meant I didn’t get the combat resolution I badly needed to defeat ~130 Night Goblins with a mere 50 Dwarves. This meant that is was basically a battle of attrition that Jim won.

He then flank charged with another ~20 Orcs which wiped out my Hammererers. Sadly I had to do a quick exit due to traffic but it would have been a grind Jim’s troops would have won. But again a marginal victory, and I am content that using an essentially ‘new’ army against an established foe I did a serious amount of damage and seriously disrupted his tactics. Above all we both enjoyed ourselves, and that’s what it is all about.


  • An excellent game.
  • I’m still learning this army, but it’s proving a challenge for my opponents (Jim so far)
  • I made the same mistkae wasting too many points on a flanking unit – should have done a much smaller unit of Minererers or Rangererers
  • When against hordes, go for combat resolution
  • On the upside, a Thane with the Quarrelererers made a lot of difference !
  • Luck is never to be underestimated.
  • Shutting down the magic phase is worth it.

Apologies for the pictures, the light levels were atrocious, and having found my Mordheim Dwarves, and Mike Kane, I’ll take some picttures weather permitting.

Boxes of Tricks

Off tomorrow to the House of Doom (Byakhee Jim’s house), so am printing out army lists and generally pretending to organise myself. But there’s one thing I must not forget: My Box of Tricks.

Now I don’t often travel to other places for games, but I’ve found when I do, I need to be more organised than when I’m hosting. I first noticed this when I started going to the Big Games, that the AVBCW Gentlemen organise.

As I now also play several games systems this has become more important. About three years ago I started buying plastic boxes to try and organise the Playroom, and at that time also got some of these boxes to organise my dice/tapes/cards/paraphenalia. I was behind the curve.

Byakhees Rich & Anthony already had them. Rich comments:

Itโ€™s an A5 box file because they are strong and shut with a catch and handily take A4 character sheets (I started using them in AD&D days) or army lists folded in half. Itโ€™ll also take a small format Warhammer rule book if needs be.

d6s bagged in 20s which eases counting (e.g. if I need to roll 14 dice, I just remove 6 and roll the rest). Different sets means I can avoid clashing with other playersโ€™ dice, or lend them out to slackers…

  • tape measure
  • set of templates
  • all the magic cards
  • pens
  • all the different dice left over from RPGs, just in case (and for Laserburn games).

Here’s Anthony’s (several) boxes of tricks:

As you can see, he has a flash Kaiser-Rushforth metal box for his main box of tricks, another benefit of this excellent company. I believe it also came with some dice as well.

Dice, some more dice, and lest he forget, some more dice. Oh and tape measure and blast templates…

And courtesy of an Indian take-away his back up set:

Yours truely comes packing the following for WHFB:

Pretty obviously:

  • Tape measure x2, one for me one for any slacker
  • Dice, 20 d6, plus about 5 different coloured d6, plus some d4s and artillery dice
  • ditto, for slackers
  • blast templates [1]
  • playing cards [2]
  • Magic Cards
  • tissues and gaviscon (I suffer from silent acid reflux)
  • WHFB A5 rule book
  • Straws, for Jim to clutch at
  • Pens (Pens are my only friends)
  • Post it note flags (for all those annoying rules tucked away, like on p35 that gives Dwarves 2 dispel dice).

The bag of grey bits are the clips for the GW battleboard.

This way, we always (!) turn up ready to play with all the basic kit. We also more often than not have spare kit for those who have forgotten their own stuff – it happens, usually when I go to the House of Doom.

Oh, lest I forget, my original gem dice, including the blue gem dice that all my foes hate.

It always seems to roll the result I want, usually 6. I can’t think why they dislike it.

For consistancy, I have similar boxes for AVBCW and Laserburn, again with dice, tapes, templates, cards and other stuff, makes it easier when you’re rushing out the door in the morning.

Do other people do this ?

[1] These went AWOL recently, went into my nearest GW store bought some more and explained what they were for, the manager had a quick thought, went to the back of the store and then returned with, three more sets he gave me for free… ๐Ÿ™‚
[2] You just never know !

WHFB: Dark Elf Corsairs

I despair that I will ever make any real use of my Corsairs. They are neither particularly cheap, shooty or good in combat. They have yet to make any real impact on any battle I’ve fielded them in. And I have 30 or so metal, and the same number of plastic ones. They’re all good models, well sculpted and the idea behind them is good. But getting them to work on the battlefield is difficult. A quick look at druchii.net indicates I’m not the only one having this problem.

Anyway, here they are:

The Command Squad:

And the Sea Dragon Cloaks:

The dark green of the Sea Dragon Cloaks helps tie them in to the rest of the army, and the purple of their clothes marks them out as a bit special. For the paints I’ve used Foundry shades, with GW washes, and then Foundry mid colour from their triad sets.

My quest for their use continues…