Special Guest Superstar DJ: Goldfigure !

First there was The Man with the Golden Gun.

Then there was Goldmember.

Now, there is Gold figure !

Byakhee Rich works in a lab and has access to metal plating equipment. So, obviously, he had to use this to plate some of his figures in different metals, including Gold:

What did I do?

The pin holes on the skaven were drilled first. Then the models needed to be scrupulously cleaned of paint, using lots of nasty chemicals. Then they were electroplated with copper – it’s a bad idea to plate gold directly onto white metal – and then with gold. There is about 10 microns (0.01 mm) thickness of gold on each model, it doesn’t sound much but if you buy gold plated jewellery it’ll have a lot less!

It was hard to paint over the gold, the paint would rub off at the merest touch. In the end I had to brush on “Imperial Primer”, then a layer of the base colours, and then spray on a coat of Purity Seal. This gave a stable base to paint on top of.

The pegasus is supported by two steel pins which slot into the skaven’s spear and held in place by the power of super glue. It helps that the balance of the model pretty much keeps it in place without the glue, but the assembled model is a lot stronger than it looks.

Having seen the model, the pictures barely do it justice, and it is a solid item, I look forward to Rich playing it on the battlefield some day. 🙂

BoB: White Russians, Officers, Standard and more books.

The previous books I’ve bought from Military History Books have been POD thermal bound books, but the two i received on Saturday were the full on hardback variety:

Again, as you can see I’ve already read one of them: “Stamping out the Virus”, and have liberally adorned it with my post it note flags. It’s an interesting read and contains a vast amount of Orbats, and details on many of the lesser known fronts such as Northern Russia. It also has a lot of details on the tanks, artillery and supply situations of the White Russian armies of the Northern and Southern fronts. Its a bit scanty on the North western front and mostly absent of details on the Siberian front. The writer could really do with a good editor as the grammar and spelling mistakes are frequent. These criticsims aside this is a very valuable book

Now all I need to do is read the book on Wrangel.

Whilst mucking around finding paints in the Play room, I chanced upon some more White Russian figures:


The figure on the Right is the Mad Baron by Copplestone Castings, and the other two are by Brigade Games.
I also finished off my first White Russian standard bearer (Copplestone Castings):

As you can see, I didn’t prepare this figure well enough, and you can see a very small casting line of flash from shoulder down his arm to the greatcoat. I only spotted this when dry brushing the figure. the next one is going to get the attention of a needle file.

The other mounted White Officers are nearing completion including a standard bearer. The subsequent standard bearers I’ll give flags other than the national Russian flag, I may even invent a banner for this alohisotrical unit I’m painting, based on the Kornilovski banner.


Well, we all know it is only a matter of time before the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.

Even the CDC (Centre for Disease Controland if you didn’t know that then you’re not on my team of survivors) know about it and are preparing us:

So whilst we can all get out survival manuals ready, our Bug Out Bags ready (yes, I do have one)…

There’s also the Zombie Hunter’s guide to consider.

We need to remember things about the economics of the whole affair, in particular you need to read this new legal paper: Death, Tax & Zombies.

The U.S. stands on the precipice of a financial disaster, and Congress has done nothing but bicker. Of course, I refer to the coming day when the undead walk the earth, feasting on the living. A zombie apocalypse will create an urgent need for significant government revenues to protect the living, while at the same time rendering a large portion of the taxpaying public dead or undead. The government’s failure to anticipate or plan for this eventuality could cripple its ability to respond effectively, putting us all at risk.

So is it the Zombies, the economy or your fellow survivors you need to fear most ?

After all, in my quest to eat a wide variety of exotic meats, I haven’t eaten Long Pig, yet.

Don’t let me get hungry, not with that flint axe around…

WHFB: Dwarves vs Empire (2012 07 21) – Part Three

The final part of the battle report, my narrative on the second half of the game after the disaster that had befallen the Dwarves.

The Rangers c ontinued to menace the flank of the Empire, but were being whittled down by gunfire !

After taking serious damage as well from missile fire, the now denuded Hammerers charged the steam tank in the flank.

The Miners charged the Halberdiers who had about faced, only for the detachments to get engaged as well:

But the dragocopter lined itself up nicely for finishing off the large unit of hand gunners:

…before it got charged in the side by a small unit of hand gunners and after a couple of rounds combat it was defeated.

The second unit of miners came on, again behind the Empire lines, but were not so effective as the target units were busy advancing away from them at a much faster rate heading towards the Hammerers’ flank.

The White Wolves came round the ruins/forest to roll up the Dwarven gun line, what was left of it…

The Rangers had now got into combat with the hand gunners on teh flank and were busy beating them up, but the miners toddling across the battlefield in a vain effort to help the Hammerers were now themselves about to be flanked by the Empire troops:

A great game. The Dwarves after their initial shock loss, continued to play well and dished out a lot of damage, but beiung light on missile fire (no artillery), against the Empire firing line they took casualties at a faster rate.

Though Anthony modified his plans, the miners were too unwieldy when faced with the Empire detachments and were caught on thier flanks as well as by the horde of Halberdiers. The Empire troops with a two inch movement advantage (on march moves) also proved too fast for the Dwarves, and their now scattered units were going to be picked off one by one either by missile fire or by the numerous detachments of Empire troops.

Richard, the Empire General got a lot of lucky breaks with his dice rolling. The first combat of Rangers vs White Wolves was a very very lucky break for him, and getting the Dwarves to run away was a disaster for Anthony. However, the Hammerers did come close to destroying the Steam Tank, IIRC it was down to 1 or maybe 2 wounds at the end.

I concur with what both of them said in Part Two, that Anthony would have been better continuing with Plan A and flanking the Empire line where he could have progressively rolled up the firing line before the Halberdiers could get to them – I think the detachments and small units of hand gunners might then have got in the way and hampered Richard’s response.

An interesting game, which with a change of dice rolls could have ended in a different result.

WHFB: Dwarves vs Empire (2012 07 21) – Part Two

Here are some narratives from Anthony & Rich, there now seems to be three postings worth of material as I have found another half dozen photos and my own comments to add in conclusion, for tomorrow…

Dwarves – Anthony

As any dwarf army general knows, it is hard to out manoeuvre your opponent. One way to attempt this is to make good use of both your scouts and miners. It is actually possible to put a significant amount of your infantry into these units. In this battle the infantry was split into roughly in three equal parts:

  • The front block of hammers (32 + General & Runesmith), crossbowmen (20 + Bugman) and thunderers (18 + Runesmith);
  • The flanking scouts of warrior rangers (33 + Lord & Thane) and longbeard rangers (20 + Thane)
  • The flanking support of two units of miners (27 + Thane).

The idea was to choose a flank, place both sets of rangers on it, advance rapidly towards the enemy, and have that flank further supported by the miners. Meanwhile the notional centre of the army was to distract the opposing army (which it succeeded at).

The initial setup went well, and the flanking manoeuvre appeared to be working; a unit of heavy cavalry was successfully lured into a charge of the 35 ranger warriors (which would then have been flanked on the next turn by the supporting longbeards). However, due mainly to some poor dice rolling on the Dwarf side in combination with some lucky dice rolling on the part of the opponent, the steadfast bonus of the warriors was lost by a single model. Therefore the whole of that unit was wiped out…

Not only did the Dwarves lose a substantial unit (for the cost of a single wound on the heavy cavalry), but this cavalry was now free to roam the battlefield at will. The reaction of the Dwarves to this loss compounded the issue, by then changing the plan and bringing the miners on behind the enemy lines. Here, the new counter charge facility (and sharing of strength from units not in combat) provided to the empire supporting units (cohorts?) made what was going to be a difficult, virtually impossible.

If the original plan had be kept, then the remaining unit of rangers, would have combined with the miners to advance on a vulnerable flank, with easy access to war machines and (shoot or fire) missile troops. Therefore, even with the original set back the plan could still have been effective. In a smaller game a similar strategy worked well, and there is no good evidence to say it cannot work at a larger scale. There are certainly several different ways of fielding a dwarf army that can be generally effective (and keeping your opponent guessing about the type of army you will field is always good).

Some good points did come out of the battle from the dwarf side (even though they were annihilated).

  • It is possible to protect a Gyrocopter by hiding it behind the advancing rangers.
  • The flanking manoeuvre almost worked, and with just average luck would probably have held the heavy cavalry)
  • An empire steam tank can feasibly be taken out by a unit of hammerers
  • Taking a small amount of anti-magic can effectively showdown most of the opponents magic phase
    With a little bit of luck (or just getting a fair share at key points)

Lessons learnt:

  • Stick to the plan (there was a good reason for it – and you probably do not have the manoeuvrability to reconfigure a dwarf army).
  • Do not be greedy when the Gyrocopter gets in an amongst move or shoot troops. Several smaller shots are better than one big shot.
  • An empire army is probably going to suffer most from a traditional dwarf heavy artillery (and firing line) attack – to significantly weaken their natural number superiority.


  • The empire army had actually set up in such a way as to block itself in; if it had not been for the miners presenting themselves behind the enemy lines, the main empire infantry blocks would have had a hard time getting into the battle.
  • The empire artillery never misfired (no matter how many artillery dice are rolled – and their were lots); this made there equivalent of the dwarf organ gun look very potent indeed.
  • There is not much you can do tactically (or even strategically) to over come lucky (or unlucky depending on perspective) dice results at critical junctures in the game. Most of the time, such discrepancies even out and do not significantly affect the flow of the battle as a whole.
  • Empire war priests provide the units they are with, with the hatred special rule (in addition to some magic capability).
  • Empire supporting units (cohorts?) can counter charge.
  • Empire supporting units can be steadfast based off its main units ranks, even when this unit is not actually in the combat.
  • Empire (generals?) enable rout tests to be made with the lowest of three dice.
  • A dwarf army can compete in a shooting contest with an empire army. It will lose on the small arms fire (as empire troops are cheaper), but this should be compensated by the effectiveness of the heavy artillery (with suitable runes on them).

Empire – Rich

What went right:

  • All the bits of the army were selected with a planned role, and they all performed it well. I was especially pleased with how the units and characters worked together.
  • I had a good plan for deployment and didn’t let the unusual Dwarf army derail it too much
  • Really good dice rolling, especially when it really mattered – e.g. never rolling a misfire, making all the 4+ saves for my Knights vs the Rangers, hitting one unit of Dwarves with 3 Hellstorm rockets

What went wrong: I didn’t really have a plan to deal with being flanked (because of facing Dwarves) – but I was ultimately allowed to get away with it!

What went wrong for the enemy:

  • A big initial set back
  • Allowing that set back to change his plans. He should have used the miners to increase the threat on my flank, rather than throwing them piecemeal into the centre of my army – albeit the rear of my army.

Other thoughts:

  • It might all be downhill from here!
  • It would have been nice to test the units against a “normal” army to see how it performed
  • I picked the army specifically to fight Dwarves, it wouldn’t cope with a magic using enemy

Rich then commented on Anthony’s write up just before I published this

Awesome write up, much better than mine!
A few notes:

  • It’s detachments not cohorts (though the Roman terminology is apt!)
  • The detachments CAN borrow steadfast but only if the parent is in combat (I think the same combat). Mine was borrowing Stubborn which the unit had due to a magic item.
  • The Hold the Line! rule, rolling 3 dice for Break tests, comes from having an Empire General or Captain in the unit.

Phew….lots of words there from the two of them…more pictures tomorrow and my own conclusions !
And if you thought the above was pretty intense, then the books I’ve had delivered on Friday and Saturday about the RCW are mind meltingly tough by comparison.
Again more tomorrow to make up for the couple of days’ of absent posting.

Mordheim: Marienburgers

I liked the idea of rich mercenary buccanneers, with flamboyant outfits, especially Orange….

As the WHFRPG supplement commented commented: Where Seagulls dare !

The Mordheim figures allowed you a lot of customisation with the plastic sprue of weapons and equipment:

These are pictures of my Marienburgers painted 10+ years ago:

And here are some Foundry Picts I used as henchmen as they are very ragged:

But I also used a lot of very old Citadel figures as well:

And more:

Rich used some C series Rangers in his Imperial Army Huntsmen unit:

You can also see the progression of my painting in these figures, just look at the bases !


I once dreamt of fielding a Marienburg army, but I think the latest Empire troops are OTT and too Sigmar oreintated. Especially if I wanted to field a Sea Elf unit. Maybe I’ll have to work on something.

WHFB: Dwarves vs Empire (2012 07 21) – Part One

My mate Byakhee Anthony has long been a Dwarf player so I was keen to watch how he handled his army. So rather than dividing my attention commanding some troops of my own, organised a game with Rich & Anthony with myself as host/observer.

So this battle report, is a bit more detailed than usual, and later, as in I didn’t post it last night. In fact I’ve gpot so much material, I’ve asked Anthjony & Rich for their comments as well as my own unbiased neutral comments as a reporter for the august newspaper The Carcosa Times. So Part Two will come later today or tomorrow.

Each army had 4,000 points (approx) of troops. This takes us about an hour or so to set up and roll the first dice in anger, and finished before 6pm.


Anthony is still buy painting his army for the first time, and whilst watching the4 battle, and in between making pizzas, I did some block painting (more of which later):

  • Lord on Shield Bearers, Runesmith & 32 Hammerers
  • Lord, Thane & 33 Rangers (Warriors)
  • Bugman & 20 Quarrellers
  • Thane & 27 Miners
  • Thane & 20 Rangers
  • Thane & 27 Miners
  • Runesmith & 18 Thunderers
  • Gyrocopter – represented by a dragon figure, so it got nicknamed variously the gryrogon or dragocopter


Rich has had an Empire army for some time and sued the recent release of the new Empire army book to dust them off, update them and field them for the first time rather hurriedly he claimed:

  • Grand Master of the White Wolves, Luthor Huss, Priest of Sigmar, 15 White Wolves of the Inner Circle
  • Priest of Sigmar & 40 Halberdiers, and a Sword Detachment
  • Priest of Sigmar & 30 Great Axes, and a Sword Detachment (15)
  • Captain & 30 Great Swords
  • Hand Gunners 920), two detachments of crossbows (10 each)
  • Hand Gunners, marksman w Repeater Handgun (10)
  • Hand Gunners, marksman w Long Rifle (10)
  • Huntsmen (15)
  • Helstorm
  • Steam Tank
  • Hellblaster x2
  • mortar

Quite a firing line and took Rich a while to put out:

And here’s Anthony’s stuff – rather black (now fixed):

Not appearing on a battlefield near here, yet…miners and rangers…:

And then up popped the hunters:

Rich’s Empire army got the initiative and the first key encounter arose:

The White Knights vs 30+ Dwarf Rangers, a tough one to call, neither side could afford to blink.
And then it all went a bit Pete Tong (wrong), with the Dwarf Thunderers taking multiple casualties:

Whilst the White Wolves charged, defeated and wiped out the 30+ Dwarf Rangers ! :-O

Everytime Anthony’s undercoated figures came off, I set to work painting some block colours, until I ran out of my first tub of basing paint:

Then Anthony’s first unit of Miners (30) came on, of course he’d equipped the champion with a steam drill so could re-roll his dice when working out when they aoppeared. So he made them turn up in the middle of Rich’s line:

More to follow.