WHFB: Magic Users

As well as the Mother Lode of Giants I found at University, the shop was also selling a lot of old C02 Magic Users, and in between my lectures I painted a few:

Yes, my lectures, our course had one of the highest number of lectures in the university: at one point we were looking at 39 hours of lectures, not counting the 2 hours overlap where we were meant to be in two different faculties at the same time, nor the extra hour’s tutorial. We staged a protest walking out of one lecture half way through and into the next one half way through to make the point.

What really rankled was we were sharing accommodation with arts students who had a total of 6 hours total per week. Twenty years on and its still annoying. Ironically, one of the arts students I lived with got kicked out for 6 months for “not attending enough”…he was a good guy and contested that and they let him back in thankfully.

As our course was split between two faculties, it turned out that each faculty thought we were ‘theirs’ and they could load us with the usual 20 or so hours their own students dealt with normally. 2 x20 = 40. Oops.

Oops, I’m sorry, I seem to have rambled on about 20 year old slights against my time. So here’s the commentary on the pictures I’ve been posting, thought I’d make you work for your viewing like I did for my degree:

  • Picture 1: C02 Wizards
  • Picture 2: L-R – C41 Lone Wolf (Helghast) – C02 Wizard (Rynkar) – C46 Townsfolk (Unknown)
  • Picture 3: C03 Clerics
  • Picture 4: C02 Wizard – Familiars – Mithril Miniatures Cleric

All of these are OOP, and they represent a lot of time early on in my efforts to be a painter as you can see. Again, the states of the bases give away the early efforts of painting, and they’re pretty basic paint jobs. In time I hope to have repainted all of them. These early figures really hark back to the D&D period of the late seventies to mid ‘eighties, and yes these were painted with RPGs in mind.

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