BoB/RCW: White Russian Command

“General Wrangel: Russia’s White Crusader”

Bought week before last this is a hard backed book written by Alexis Wrangel on his father’s leadership in the Russian Civil War.

This is a good read with a wealth of information on Wrangel and the White forces of the AFSR in general. It highlights the divisions in the White AFSR forces and their strategy (or lack thereof) to a greater degree than I’ve seen before. It also repeats the lack of organisation of the AFSR’s rear areas and the accumulation of hangers on that cost both roubles, morals and popularity. It is only towards the end that the author (naturally) tends to be overly generous towards the subjects’ strengths. It is also a useful guide to what happened to the AFSR after they were evacuated from the Crimea. The book is covered in my usual post it note flags for usfeul information


Inexorably, in between the Dwarves and so forth, I’ve been painting the White Russian command units I bought a few weeks back. I haven’t even removed the case from the kitchen in an effort to keep myself focused. So finally, here are the rest of them:

You can see I used the wrong soil flock on one of the command’s bases ! Too late and it’s not too bad a mistake anyway.
At the moment I am using the standard Russian flag for the flags, but will look to produce some different ones later:

And another standard bearer on foot:

And Sidney “Two Gun” Cohen and an Orthodox Priest (by Brigade Games):

Meanwhile the White Russian cavalry come on apace, and I might be able to finish this mini army off in its entirety by the w/e. Now there’s a novelty !

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