WHFB: Orc War Wyvern

Emerging from the geological strata in the Playroom, is this item, the first Citadel Orc War Wyvern, sculpted by Tony Ackland and dating back to 1983 or so:

As with my Dwarf collection, my collection of Orcs & Goblins were formulated on my very first experiences of Citadel miniatures and my ongoing gaming with Byakhee Gav A over the last 25+ years.So when it came up for sale on evil-bay I had to buy it.

Ironically I lent it to gav A whose own copy had gone AWOL at the time, and he then used it to trash Mengil Manhide's unit in a battle against me.

It’s a nice model, but quite small by modern standards and old skool. Which for an orc is no bad thing. the Orc is even equipped with a crossbow !

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