Films: Of Things To Come

A film that caught my eye many years ago was Alexander Korda’s version of H G Wells’ “Things to Come” which describes a (then) future second world war and its aftermath.

Here’s someone else’s efforts at war gaming it.

Through a combination of ruthlessness and guile one man rose to become leader in the south of England, and he mounted an attack on the Hill People (I assume that this is a euphemism for the Welsh) to take control of their very important natural resources … coal and oil-bearing shale.

An excellent idea, and one I’ve ahd on the backburner for AVBCW for some time.

They’ve also done a quick montage.

It helps that there is a “Boss” character in the Musketeer range that I have…

Again, a film inspiring more than one scenario !

And of course there is the “Wandering Sickness“….Zombies….(about three minutes in)…

And it also features some footage of Vickers Medium Tanks as well.

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