AVBCW: Cavalry

With limited supplies of petrol, AVBCW in 1938 would have to rely on infantry, bicycles and horse cavalry far more than in WW2.

Here’s my BUF Cavalry:

Miniatures by Great War Miniatures, WW1 Cavalry, but dressed in black !

Now I’m busy with my BoB/RCW White Russian Cavalry at the moment, more later on those, but am rapidly learning how to paint non-fantasy horses. So of coruse I had to buy the new cavalry by Musketeer. Only they come with closed hands for the lancers ! Luckily Byakhee Rich is good with the drill, so I persuaded/coerced/bribed him into drilling all the hands out for the steel pin lances I will need.

I now have enough cavalry for both the BUF and MHC (30 of eash plus commands), and will slowly grind my way through painting them all in time for the Big Game at Evesham in the Autumn.

Also on the painting list is the Big Beast I pictured earlier. Again Rich has done an excellent job of driling and fitting the guns:

And he then added a set of magnets for the turret. Which was nice.

So I can now position the turret as I like, and make “bang, bang” noises as befiting my mental age of seven !

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