WHFB: Dwarves

I’m trying to stick to a new rule, that I build and paint all the figures I buy, BEFORE I pack them away. This should hopefully encourage me to reduce spending as I already have enough figures, and encourage me to have more painted units.

So last Friday I received a package of Dwarves I’d bought off of evil-bay. I spent some of the time whilst Rich & Anthony were playing painting Antyhony’s troops, and also these new troops of my own.

I bought fifteen ordinary warriors, of the previous plastic set, to act as a flank guard for my artillery:

the 10 hand Gunners had been wiped out easily, but I figure that 15 warriors with standard, musician and champion should last at least one round and hold up the artillery hunting units. twenty is simply a waste of points.
Here’s the command:

I’ve also written up a stock unit’s stats on my Dwarf spreadsheet so I can add this into any army I have. I also obviously did the 5×3 movement tray at the same time, so I should have my first off the shelf Dwarf unit to play with.

And it’s protecting, a Bolt Thrower that was bought at the same time:

As you can see from the top, I used the green static grass to help pick out the bolt thrower as otherwise its was brown on brown and not very distinguished.

The base is an off cut from one of the GW plastic movement tray sets. The crew are separate as they come with slotta-bases. Crew for weapons for historical stuff rarely do this and have to be glued onto the base, and the wounds received represented by d4s usually.

(For example, my AVBCW HMGs have 3 crew all stuck to the same base, and any wounds taken are represented by a d4 discretely placed behind the base.)

2 Responses to WHFB: Dwarves

  1. Sithdevil says:

    Haha I like your new rule! I have a similar one now. I’m not allowed to buy any new models until I finish the ones I’ve already got. Surprising how motivated it has gotten me 😉 Awesome paint job, you are making me want to start collecting a Dwarfs army 😀

    • If I followed the rule of no new models until I’d painted what I had already, I’d never buy another figure this decade. Which obviously violates any number of laws Wargaming Physics !

      I might modify my rule to:
      – paint everything I buy BEFORE I pack them away
      – & match that number of figures by painting the ones already stored away…

      I’m sort of doing that already, with a unit of White Russian cavalry being WIP at the moment.

      The paint job for the Dwarves is fairly basic, base coat, wash and highlight really, as I want to build a painted army ASAP. I’ll take more time with the Lords, heroes and other characters.

      Thanks !

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