Special Guest Superstar DJ: Goldfigure !

First there was The Man with the Golden Gun.

Then there was Goldmember.

Now, there is Gold figure !

Byakhee Rich works in a lab and has access to metal plating equipment. So, obviously, he had to use this to plate some of his figures in different metals, including Gold:

What did I do?

The pin holes on the skaven were drilled first. Then the models needed to be scrupulously cleaned of paint, using lots of nasty chemicals. Then they were electroplated with copper – it’s a bad idea to plate gold directly onto white metal – and then with gold. There is about 10 microns (0.01 mm) thickness of gold on each model, it doesn’t sound much but if you buy gold plated jewellery it’ll have a lot less!

It was hard to paint over the gold, the paint would rub off at the merest touch. In the end I had to brush on “Imperial Primer”, then a layer of the base colours, and then spray on a coat of Purity Seal. This gave a stable base to paint on top of.

The pegasus is supported by two steel pins which slot into the skaven’s spear and held in place by the power of super glue. It helps that the balance of the model pretty much keeps it in place without the glue, but the assembled model is a lot stronger than it looks.

Having seen the model, the pictures barely do it justice, and it is a solid item, I look forward to Rich playing it on the battlefield some day. 🙂

One Response to Special Guest Superstar DJ: Goldfigure !

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    I probably should have mentioned that this model is Balthazar Gelt the Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic. He is a master of the Lore of Metal and one of his powers is to transform enemies into golden statues.

    So, if you were wondering, “yeah, but what’s with the gold rat guy anyway??” then now you know!

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