BoB: White Russians, Officers, Standard and more books.

The previous books I’ve bought from Military History Books have been POD thermal bound books, but the two i received on Saturday were the full on hardback variety:

Again, as you can see I’ve already read one of them: “Stamping out the Virus”, and have liberally adorned it with my post it note flags. It’s an interesting read and contains a vast amount of Orbats, and details on many of the lesser known fronts such as Northern Russia. It also has a lot of details on the tanks, artillery and supply situations of the White Russian armies of the Northern and Southern fronts. Its a bit scanty on the North western front and mostly absent of details on the Siberian front. The writer could really do with a good editor as the grammar and spelling mistakes are frequent. These criticsims aside this is a very valuable book

Now all I need to do is read the book on Wrangel.

Whilst mucking around finding paints in the Play room, I chanced upon some more White Russian figures:


The figure on the Right is the Mad Baron by Copplestone Castings, and the other two are by Brigade Games.
I also finished off my first White Russian standard bearer (Copplestone Castings):

As you can see, I didn’t prepare this figure well enough, and you can see a very small casting line of flash from shoulder down his arm to the greatcoat. I only spotted this when dry brushing the figure. the next one is going to get the attention of a needle file.

The other mounted White Officers are nearing completion including a standard bearer. The subsequent standard bearers I’ll give flags other than the national Russian flag, I may even invent a banner for this alohisotrical unit I’m painting, based on the Kornilovski banner.

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