WHFB: Dwarves vs Empire (2012 07 21) – Part Three

The final part of the battle report, my narrative on the second half of the game after the disaster that had befallen the Dwarves.

The Rangers c ontinued to menace the flank of the Empire, but were being whittled down by gunfire !

After taking serious damage as well from missile fire, the now denuded Hammerers charged the steam tank in the flank.

The Miners charged the Halberdiers who had about faced, only for the detachments to get engaged as well:

But the dragocopter lined itself up nicely for finishing off the large unit of hand gunners:

…before it got charged in the side by a small unit of hand gunners and after a couple of rounds combat it was defeated.

The second unit of miners came on, again behind the Empire lines, but were not so effective as the target units were busy advancing away from them at a much faster rate heading towards the Hammerers’ flank.

The White Wolves came round the ruins/forest to roll up the Dwarven gun line, what was left of it…

The Rangers had now got into combat with the hand gunners on teh flank and were busy beating them up, but the miners toddling across the battlefield in a vain effort to help the Hammerers were now themselves about to be flanked by the Empire troops:

A great game. The Dwarves after their initial shock loss, continued to play well and dished out a lot of damage, but beiung light on missile fire (no artillery), against the Empire firing line they took casualties at a faster rate.

Though Anthony modified his plans, the miners were too unwieldy when faced with the Empire detachments and were caught on thier flanks as well as by the horde of Halberdiers. The Empire troops with a two inch movement advantage (on march moves) also proved too fast for the Dwarves, and their now scattered units were going to be picked off one by one either by missile fire or by the numerous detachments of Empire troops.

Richard, the Empire General got a lot of lucky breaks with his dice rolling. The first combat of Rangers vs White Wolves was a very very lucky break for him, and getting the Dwarves to run away was a disaster for Anthony. However, the Hammerers did come close to destroying the Steam Tank, IIRC it was down to 1 or maybe 2 wounds at the end.

I concur with what both of them said in Part Two, that Anthony would have been better continuing with Plan A and flanking the Empire line where he could have progressively rolled up the firing line before the Halberdiers could get to them – I think the detachments and small units of hand gunners might then have got in the way and hampered Richard’s response.

An interesting game, which with a change of dice rolls could have ended in a different result.

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