WHFB: Dwarves vs Empire (2012 07 21) – Part One

My mate Byakhee Anthony has long been a Dwarf player so I was keen to watch how he handled his army. So rather than dividing my attention commanding some troops of my own, organised a game with Rich & Anthony with myself as host/observer.

So this battle report, is a bit more detailed than usual, and later, as in I didn’t post it last night. In fact I’ve gpot so much material, I’ve asked Anthjony & Rich for their comments as well as my own unbiased neutral comments as a reporter for the august newspaper The Carcosa Times. So Part Two will come later today or tomorrow.

Each army had 4,000 points (approx) of troops. This takes us about an hour or so to set up and roll the first dice in anger, and finished before 6pm.


Anthony is still buy painting his army for the first time, and whilst watching the4 battle, and in between making pizzas, I did some block painting (more of which later):

  • Lord on Shield Bearers, Runesmith & 32 Hammerers
  • Lord, Thane & 33 Rangers (Warriors)
  • Bugman & 20 Quarrellers
  • Thane & 27 Miners
  • Thane & 20 Rangers
  • Thane & 27 Miners
  • Runesmith & 18 Thunderers
  • Gyrocopter – represented by a dragon figure, so it got nicknamed variously the gryrogon or dragocopter


Rich has had an Empire army for some time and sued the recent release of the new Empire army book to dust them off, update them and field them for the first time rather hurriedly he claimed:

  • Grand Master of the White Wolves, Luthor Huss, Priest of Sigmar, 15 White Wolves of the Inner Circle
  • Priest of Sigmar & 40 Halberdiers, and a Sword Detachment
  • Priest of Sigmar & 30 Great Axes, and a Sword Detachment (15)
  • Captain & 30 Great Swords
  • Hand Gunners 920), two detachments of crossbows (10 each)
  • Hand Gunners, marksman w Repeater Handgun (10)
  • Hand Gunners, marksman w Long Rifle (10)
  • Huntsmen (15)
  • Helstorm
  • Steam Tank
  • Hellblaster x2
  • mortar

Quite a firing line and took Rich a while to put out:

And here’s Anthony’s stuff – rather black (now fixed):

Not appearing on a battlefield near here, yet…miners and rangers…:

And then up popped the hunters:

Rich’s Empire army got the initiative and the first key encounter arose:

The White Knights vs 30+ Dwarf Rangers, a tough one to call, neither side could afford to blink.
And then it all went a bit Pete Tong (wrong), with the Dwarf Thunderers taking multiple casualties:

Whilst the White Wolves charged, defeated and wiped out the 30+ Dwarf Rangers ! :-O

Everytime Anthony’s undercoated figures came off, I set to work painting some block colours, until I ran out of my first tub of basing paint:

Then Anthony’s first unit of Miners (30) came on, of course he’d equipped the champion with a steam drill so could re-roll his dice when working out when they aoppeared. So he made them turn up in the middle of Rich’s line:

More to follow.

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  1. Sithdevil says:

    Nice report and photos, looking forward to reading part 2 🙂

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