Mordheim: Marienburgers

I liked the idea of rich mercenary buccanneers, with flamboyant outfits, especially Orange….

As the WHFRPG supplement commented commented: Where Seagulls dare !

The Mordheim figures allowed you a lot of customisation with the plastic sprue of weapons and equipment:

These are pictures of my Marienburgers painted 10+ years ago:

And here are some Foundry Picts I used as henchmen as they are very ragged:

But I also used a lot of very old Citadel figures as well:

And more:

Rich used some C series Rangers in his Imperial Army Huntsmen unit:

You can also see the progression of my painting in these figures, just look at the bases !


I once dreamt of fielding a Marienburg army, but I think the latest Empire troops are OTT and too Sigmar oreintated. Especially if I wanted to field a Sea Elf unit. Maybe I’ll have to work on something.

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