BoB: Colourful White Russians Project – 3 & Books

The second tranche of books arrived today:

As you can see I have immediately started reading them, with lots of post it note flags on the Kornilovsky book. The book promised to confound some myths and it certainly has already. I am now preparing to add shock regiments(s) to my White Army, and even ensure they are used in my putative campaign of Whites vs Germans:

In Taganrog the commander of the german forces, General Von Arnim, met with a Bolshevik delegation in Rostov during the Spring of 1918:

“Where is the Volunteer Army now ? ” asked Von Arnim.

“It does not exist. It is broken and scattered in the Kuban region.” explained the delegation.

“Where is General Kornilov now ?” was the General’s second question.

“Serviceman Kornilov was killed near Ekratinodar.” The delegates answered with triumph.

“How was Kornilov killed ? ” Von Arnim asked sharply. There was some silence, and then he said with spite; “You Russians are not able to value a talented warlord.”

Hmm, sounds like General Von Arnim and Kornilov would have been good sparring partners…

Quality remains excellent and I have ordered yet more.

And the cover of the book: How Odessa became Red, is deeply politically incorrect, which is ironic given the origin of the image – Red.

I’ve included this as it is an example of the historical analysis that backs up serious wargaming. Just as the flint knapping workshop on Sunday, there is a lot of material available to war gamers to support their hobby. Similarly musicians, film directors and others also delve deep into the background of their interests.

It’s all there, you just have to delve a bit more deeply and it tears yourselves away from the goggle box (TV).

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