WHFB: Dwarfs vs High Elves

Byakhee Anthony & I had a game today, 2000 points each. We don’t know these armies very well as he is a Dwarf player (not HE), and I am a DE (not Dwarf) player. DE and HE are similar but not the same, there are notable differences.

With only 2000 points we didn’t have much room for variation.

I went with:

  • 30 Warriorerererers, BSB and Thane
  • 20 Iron Breakers, and Thane – a novel move as neither of us have ever used them
  • 20 Quarrellerererers, plus Thane
  • 10 Thunderererers
  • Grudge Thrower
  • Organ Gun
  • Runelord & Runesmith

Whilst Anthony took:

  • 12 Shadow Warriors, with their General: Alith Anar, comes with Moobbow (hiss spit)
  • 24 Spearmen, BSB
  • 20 Lothern Sea Guard
  • 13 Phoenix Guard, with Arch Mage (Lvl 3 Wiz)
  • 7 Swordmasters
  • 6 Silverhelms, with Mage, yes and they really can have barded horses (grrrrr)
  • Giant Eagle

Anthony deployed his General w Moon Bow, and the Shadow warriors in the renovated woods…my deplopyment was not optimal but I had not known which scenery area he was going to use, c’est la vie.

My Organ gun destroyed his Sowrdsmasters with one shot. 🙂 He’s sitting here, and he’s not smiling !

However, his Heavy Cavalry (Silverhelms) backed by his mage and Giant Eagle swooped in onto the Thundererererers, and wiped them out in short ordeer, following up onto said Organ Gun. (At least one was drunk after smelling some ale, and fell off of his horse as you can see)

…before moving on to the Grudge Thrower. Well we all have artiullery hunting units, I’ve just never seen Heavy Cavalry deployed in this mode.

I think it was reasonably effective.

…he said….

My Warrirorrererers and Quarellerererers charged his Pohoenix Guard and amde them run away after some casualties, my Iron Guard charged his Spearmen and failed to break them. At which point his Shadow Warrioers flank charged them and after turn broke them, but failed to catch them, at which point them turned round and slugged it out. The Warriorrererers, were rear charegd by the the calalry saw them off, who fled off the table, leaving them to charge down the Mage and Giant Eagle who ahd defeated the Grudgethrower crerew. The Phoenix Guard came back for a second shot at the Quarrellererers, who slugged it out buit were eventually destroyed. (So Shambles’ crew again proved their worth, looks like they’re next to be painted, and as we all now, paintd troops get a +1 modifier in combat).

Overall, Anthony’s HE won, but again I drew valuable lessons – the IB were not as effective as I’d hoped, Shambles and co were better. Deployment is all, for Dwarfs.

The marsh on my left, proved to be the biggest obstacle for both Anthony’s and my troops.

One Response to WHFB: Dwarfs vs High Elves

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    No wonder the girly Elves won, they were clearly inspired by the enormous glowing chalice of white wine which appeared above the battlefield! (see pic 3)

    And 7 swordmasters? Don’t High Elves have minimum unit sizes?

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