BoB: Colourful White Russians Project – 2 & Books

As commented previously I’ve done an order with Military History Books to get hold of some Gauntlet publication books on the RCW thatare translated from Russion. The first tranche of the order arrived today:

  • White Armies of the Russian Civil War, 1917-1922
  • Nationalist Armies of the Russian Civil War, 1917-1922
  • Armoured Automobiles of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1920
  • Tanks fo the Russian Civil War

They’re obviously following the Osprey pattern, but are full size A4 books:

I’ve read the first book on the White Armies as that is primary interest, and found that my apparently alohisotrical Colourful White Russians, aren’t that alohisotrical…

Yes, the General Alekseev Partissan Infantry Division used white and blue !

They were raised in the Don region (February 1918), escaped in the Ice March, and took part in the Kuban campaign which is probably where the picture of the mounted officer I found comes from. This means that they are appropriate for the campaign I ahd in mind where Germans, Bolsheviks, Whites and nationalists mixed it up around the Don/Kuban regions in Autumn 1918

The books themselves contain a heck of a lot of information, including a lot of photographs that I have not seen before. Well worth the money, and I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the order.

Here’s some WIP for my figures, and I hope to finish them off this w/e:




The new books have given me some ideas for some flags for this Colourful regiment. 🙂

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