WHFB: Dark Elf Black Guard

Way back in Forces of Fantasy, Dark Elves had Dark Guard which have obviously mutated into the modern Black Guard.

So as an elite unit I had to get this looking good, I think I have. The look of distaste on Byakhee Rich, Jim and Anthony’s faces sorts of confirms that.

So how not to paint them just black. But not make them bright and colourful ?

Well I did my normal black undercoat, did the flesh as usual. I then highlighted the robes with Foundry Charcoal Black, and the armour with Citadel/GW Boltgun metal. When dry I then gave a Badab Black wash over all of them. This gives them just enough colour to not be flat black, but not make the robes grey, nor the armour too shiney. It’s the technique I use for my BUF and many other figures, such as the Colourful White Russians’ trousers that will be upcoming.

next, I wanted the Halberds to be nice and recognisable. So I painted them bolt gun metal and progressively highlighted them up all the way to Mithril silver and forn the commander used Skull White on the very edge. Helps them look really sharp and nasty, which is what I wanted.

Halberds though are quite large, and ranking up the figures becomes a problem. For the first 20 Black Guard I did, I didn’t get that quite right:

As you can see with the left hand figure, that halberd is going to get in the way in the unit. The middle figure is not what you should do, the right hand figure is correctly posed using the diagonal slotta-base.

(When I wer young, all these slotta bases came with both diagonal and horizontal slots, said the old codger nursing a pint in the dim recesses of an old pub deep in his mind)

For the next 20 or so I have will take this into consideration, and get them to rank up properly.

And just to give them a little bit of colour, I painted the mane on the back/top of the helmets purple:

I used Foundry Purple Shade, washed it black and then used the mid shade only to highlight.

As you can see from the photo, you can just make out the dark grey highlight and the dark purple. metal in hand, its easier to see.

The final trick I used, was to use Purity Seal spray to varnish all the figures. And then, I went back with a gloss varnish and painted the helmets, shoulder guards, and halberds to make them glisten without being too bright. I don’t use gloss generally, but this really helps those elements stand out and catch the light.

Finally, today I finished off a custom movement tray for them.

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