WHFB: Dwarf Cannon

Back in the dim geological age that I started playing WHFB, black powder weapons were extremely rare, and the only cannon to be had was the Citadel Dwarf Cannon, and mightily was it feared. So when I played the game on Monday and had to resort to using the original model I thought it’d be worth showing as it didn’t feature in any of the photographs in any of the Citadel Compendiums nor Journals.

Here it is:

Painted some 15-20 years ago, you can again see some progression in my painting techniques.

It had five crew

The cannon came in two pieces, and was later released in a blister pack for Bretonnian forces as well.

I think mine is currently painted using enamel paints.

You can see the scale creep when comparing the largest of the orignal crew with a more modern (but still OOP) 1990’s Dwarf Engineer figure bought off of e-bay:

I have a second set loitering in my artillery case awaiting a dab of paint and may get a base etc.

ISTR that it also came with an extra barrel of black powder. I never got the original set myself, it was always second hand.

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  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    It’s a small (miniature, even) world – just yesterday I found exactly that cannon barrel in my bits box, and now I know what it belongs to…

  2. I have my uses…

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