WHFB: Dark Elf Witches

Hmm, chainmail bikini clad babes…sorry…but really how on earth do you key them in with the rest of the army ?

I decided to go with ice cold blue hair as Witch Elves (according to the fluff, they’re not real apparently, or so I’m told) dye their hair whacky colours. So that carries over to the sashes and banners of the other units:

The sashes are also dark green to help them tie in with the rest of my forces.
Here’s the command group:

The standard is often used to act as the BSB in my armies and is the Death Hag that comes equipped with the Altar of Khaine. A non-GW Witch Elf BSB is in the works to be used instead of this one. Again, I have used Gold to help key the unit in to the rest of the army.

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