Mordheim: Dwarves

So here’s some pictures of my (painted) Mordheim Dwarves, before the box is shuffled back into the geologic strata in the Playroom.

First, some Slayers. The original Mordheim Slayer, and then a long OOP Warhammer Slayer:

Throbbin DEath-Eye, a slayer from the Dwarf Lords of Legend boxed set:

All three of these slayers also feature in my Dwarf Slayer unit, all of which are unique models I’ve collected over the last 20 years.

Shambles their leader (again), one of the very old C06 Dwarves.


Mike Kane (a different copy of the figure to the one I use for WHFB, that other one was painted by Byakhee Tom):

Clansmen, mostly old Dwarf Adventurers:

These clansmen were painted between 10-20 years ago, and you can see the changes in basing techniques I’ve used:


And two non-Citadel/GW figures. The one on the left is an old Harlequin/BTD and the one on the right is from Asgard who did a small but very good range:

Now all I need to do is paint my WHFB Dwarf Army.

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