Mission Impossible: Accomplished

The three Mission Impossible have been mostly completed.

Clawed went to the vets for this morning to have the stitches out. He’d managed to break out of Prison Utter Terror, Pain and Indignity (my house) three times. Twice I caught him in the garden, and the third time Black Jack herded him home when I’d gone out calling for him down the drive and lane. yes, it really was Black Jack herding him.

Clawed had also removed the collar once, and I’d replaced it, much to my surprise, as putting one of those things on a cat whose rear you couldn’t/shouldn’t put under pressure was difficult.

The vetette[1], declared she was happy with his wound having healed up and removed the stitches and removed the collar which I was allowed to bring home… ?

And the Cat Door (kitchen bay window) is now open again, much to all the Cats’ pleasure, and my own as having to live in a stuffy house in this awful muggy weather has not been nice given my liking for fresh cool air.

Now, all I need to do is get Black Jack to catch Mr Mole, he’s beein sitting watching the mole hills grow on my lawn so he knows something is down there, it’s only a matter of time I hope.

[1] As adapted from Little Big Man, where Humans are Human Beans. Bean = man. Beanette = Woman. Beanling = child.
Vet = Male mutilator and torturer of cats. Vetette = Female mutilator and torturer of cats. At this point I should comment, that Clawed was a stray I rescued, and he has an obvious aversion to women, and I suspect he was abused such is his aversion.He’ll put up with the Byakhees, large noisy and partially insanitry as they are, but if a woman comes into the house he’s off like a shot.

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