WHFB Dwarves vs Orcs & Goblins



So off to the House of Doom I went.

First upset was when I opened my case of Dwarves and found…not artillery…I distinctly remember choosing the box with the tag labelled: Dwarf – Artillery. 35 minutes later it had mutated into a box labelled: Dwarf – Mordheim & Collectors. Obviously I need glasses, or some sort of Ward save for the battlewagon to ensure that the malign and evil magick of the House of Doom does not transmute artillery into collectible but very distinctly NOT artillery crew. On the upside, the box did contain the original pre-slotta cannon and crew… πŸ™‚

Now as previously noted, Byakhee Jim has used lots of artillery, and came a cropper last game almost losing it as I matched him. We then both went away and refined our army lists. I’m on a learning curve here, plus somewhat (slightly self imposed) by what troops I have. My army was essentially the same, and his was totally different.

Here’s the stating positions:

And his half way through their first move.

Yes, he had a single unit of 140 Night Goblins, souped up with Skarsnick, at least one Night Goblin Boss and a Black Orc Hero. he did only have 3 artillery pieces…

Skarsnisk’s special rules manet that Mike Kane’s unit of Thunderers turned up late – Mike Kane is the old Citadel Dwarf dressed in British Colonial uniform with pith helmet, so taking the pith he is Mike Kane from now on, and he really did spot a lot of Goblins. And his unit really did survive….more later…

My Rangererers popped up on his flank.

Battle commenced with the first round looking good for me with an exchange of artillery fire.

Then his units closed in on mine.

His boars riders charged my Quarrellerererers, ouch. Backed up by his Shaman on Wolf, oh dear.
At thjis point I found that the Boar riders had a Lord, and two Heroes embedded in it. Luckily a combination of Dangerous terrain and “stand and shoot” had had some effect and they were only down to ten boar riders. This time, I had upgraded Shambles, the leader of the Quarrellerererers to a Thane, and I had also added a Runesmith Harald Goldvein into them as well. These two guys were the turning point for the battle.

Though the Boar rider unit did far more damage than the Quarrellerererers I rolled snake eyes, and they held. Phew ! Over the next rounds of combat despite a flank charge from a souped up Snotling Pump Wagon they held before eventual defeat leaving 3 boar riders and the pump wagon left. A quick tally of PV showd a 2:1 victory for Shambles and the Quarrellerererers.

One of my aims was to ‘shut down’ the magic phase, which i did very well. In virtually all rounds I ended up with more dispel dice than he had power dice, and I also enjoyed a +5 Dispel modifier. From memory, only 2 spells went off in the entire game.

Jim was by now realising the Dwarves are a lot harder to kill than poncy Dark Elves. He is now also especially leary of Organ guns, given one had blown a pump wagon to pieces, and Grudge Throwers had destroyed two of his chariots (the ones he’d meant to hunt the artillery with). The Rangererers had disposed of one of his stonethrowers, and one of his doom divers had self destructed.

However, all was not going so well with the Troll slayers. 140 Night Goblins, armed with bows, with poison make short work of 20 Slayers, even if they are led by Buddy the Giant Slayer. We’re talking about ~78 bow shots here, and even the Rune of Grugni that I had on the Hammererers’ Standard next to them couldn’t save them. After the initial carnage I simply had to move the hammererers, Slayererers, and Warriorerers into combat with this horde of Goblins – no point standing there and being shot to pieces. Jim did have to resort to blowing on his dice when rolling the third round of shooting after the second round has not shown any poisoned hits – I joked his breath was so bad it poisoned the dice !!! πŸ˜‰

The Hammerers charged first, waded through the inevitable 3 Night Goblin Fanatics and locked into combat. the Warriorererers followed suit, the Slayererers having long since expired in a pile of arrow sodden corpses.

I made a tactical miastake in challenging his characters with my Lord on Shield beaers, I easily disposed of the Goblin Boss tossed at my Lord’s feet, but that meant I didn’t get the combat resolution I badly needed to defeat ~130 Night Goblins with a mere 50 Dwarves. This meant that is was basically a battle of attrition that Jim won.

He then flank charged with another ~20 Orcs which wiped out my Hammererers. Sadly I had to do a quick exit due to traffic but it would have been a grind Jim’s troops would have won. But again a marginal victory, and I am content that using an essentially ‘new’ army against an established foe I did a serious amount of damage and seriously disrupted his tactics. Above all we both enjoyed ourselves, and that’s what it is all about.


  • An excellent game.
  • I’m still learning this army, but it’s proving a challenge for my opponents (Jim so far)
  • I made the same mistkae wasting too many points on a flanking unit – should have done a much smaller unit of Minererers or Rangererers
  • When against hordes, go for combat resolution
  • On the upside, a Thane with the Quarrelererers made a lot of difference !
  • Luck is never to be underestimated.
  • Shutting down the magic phase is worth it.

Apologies for the pictures, the light levels were atrocious, and having found my Mordheim Dwarves, and Mike Kane, I’ll take some picttures weather permitting.

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