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Off tomorrow to the House of Doom (Byakhee Jim’s house), so am printing out army lists and generally pretending to organise myself. But there’s one thing I must not forget: My Box of Tricks.

Now I don’t often travel to other places for games, but I’ve found when I do, I need to be more organised than when I’m hosting. I first noticed this when I started going to the Big Games, that the AVBCW Gentlemen organise.

As I now also play several games systems this has become more important. About three years ago I started buying plastic boxes to try and organise the Playroom, and at that time also got some of these boxes to organise my dice/tapes/cards/paraphenalia. I was behind the curve.

Byakhees Rich & Anthony already had them. Rich comments:

It’s an A5 box file because they are strong and shut with a catch and handily take A4 character sheets (I started using them in AD&D days) or army lists folded in half. It’ll also take a small format Warhammer rule book if needs be.

d6s bagged in 20s which eases counting (e.g. if I need to roll 14 dice, I just remove 6 and roll the rest). Different sets means I can avoid clashing with other players’ dice, or lend them out to slackers…

  • tape measure
  • set of templates
  • all the magic cards
  • pens
  • all the different dice left over from RPGs, just in case (and for Laserburn games).

Here’s Anthony’s (several) boxes of tricks:

As you can see, he has a flash Kaiser-Rushforth metal box for his main box of tricks, another benefit of this excellent company. I believe it also came with some dice as well.

Dice, some more dice, and lest he forget, some more dice. Oh and tape measure and blast templates…

And courtesy of an Indian take-away his back up set:

Yours truely comes packing the following for WHFB:

Pretty obviously:

  • Tape measure x2, one for me one for any slacker
  • Dice, 20 d6, plus about 5 different coloured d6, plus some d4s and artillery dice
  • ditto, for slackers
  • blast templates [1]
  • playing cards [2]
  • Magic Cards
  • tissues and gaviscon (I suffer from silent acid reflux)
  • WHFB A5 rule book
  • Straws, for Jim to clutch at
  • Pens (Pens are my only friends)
  • Post it note flags (for all those annoying rules tucked away, like on p35 that gives Dwarves 2 dispel dice).

The bag of grey bits are the clips for the GW battleboard.

This way, we always (!) turn up ready to play with all the basic kit. We also more often than not have spare kit for those who have forgotten their own stuff – it happens, usually when I go to the House of Doom.

Oh, lest I forget, my original gem dice, including the blue gem dice that all my foes hate.

It always seems to roll the result I want, usually 6. I can’t think why they dislike it.

For consistancy, I have similar boxes for AVBCW and Laserburn, again with dice, tapes, templates, cards and other stuff, makes it easier when you’re rushing out the door in the morning.

Do other people do this ?

[1] These went AWOL recently, went into my nearest GW store bought some more and explained what they were for, the manager had a quick thought, went to the back of the store and then returned with, three more sets he gave me for free… 🙂
[2] You just never know !

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  1. jp1885 says:

    So that’s where you got those extra templates from! Interesting reading sir – way too organised, but still interesting!

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