AVBCW: Ruined Church & Movement Trays (again)

I bought Hovels’ Church and Ruined Church sometime ago and never got around to the ruined church, that is until Byakhee Gavin H mortared the church, since when it has been half painted.

I finished it off yesterday:

Hovels do a good range of buildings, but some of the older ones are true 25mm scale and look small 9esp doors) when compared to 28mm figures.

There’s even room for a single figure in the tower – a sniper ? Surely only Nazis and BUF would do that ?? 😉

Finally, my movement tray prohject, here’s the 5×2, half inch apart skirmish tray from Sarissa, with the extra large holes for bases:

Looks about right !
The only further tweak I’ll explore is to make the top half of the tray (the bit with the holes in) thinner, its obviously more designed for slotta bases which are thicker than the washers/plastic bases most historical figures are based on.

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