Of Cats & Pizzas, an Existential post ?

No, not cat pizza – I think they’d be too stringy and probably full of worms !

Clawed is bumping round the house, he hasn’t got used to his new collar and there’s a constant faint thunking as he moves round the house knocking into things. In particular, when he comes down the stairs he keeps knocking into the bannisters. Thunk…Thunk…Thunk…Still, he’s back to the vets tomorrow for a checkup and I think he’s going to be ok.

His pain is felt by many Cats.

Henri, La Chat Noir goes to the vet.

They hang pictures of their victims on the wall.

But I liked the end comment:

Merde !

Now at the w/e, Byakhee Jim came round. I’d been to Waitrose (an upmarket supermarket for non-UK viewers) shopping on Friday to stock up on pizza (their own brand) and ingredients. I presented him wuth the options of:

  • Salami & Prosciutto Cotto Pizza
  • Chicken Arrabiata
  • Pollo
  • Spinach & Ricotta
  • Margherita

The final one, I said I’d do my normal effort to beef up…guess which ones he chose, yes the Margherita with me adding tuna and sweetcorn (plus tomato, herb and mozzarella topping), and the spinach and ricotta. Funny that. The only left overs were the spinach and ricotta…

Well obviously I’m not the only person aiming for healthier pizzas and better toppings:

A Scottish nutritionist has helped to produce what he says are the first ‘nutritionally balanced’ pizzas in the UK.

They contain not only the right amount of calories, but all the vitamins and minerals you need in one meal.

Now I would be also adding seaweed, but I’ve also checked my local butchers Legges can get Rabbit and Squirrel, and so far the Byakhees have indicated a willingness to eat said toppings.

Rabbit won’t be available until September due to the ferrets going after the young rabbits underground and not coming out, and squirrels are a bit hit and miss, literally, depending on when the local lads have gone shooting according to the owner of Legges. So watch this topping ! đŸ˜‰

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