BoB: Colourful White Russians Project – 1

Rooting around in my boxes to show you pictures of my colourfull White Russians I realised I was missing a few components for the force. I was therefore compelled to order some more shiney stuff from Copplestone (oh woe is me).

It arrived today:

3 x Bolshevik Lewis Gunners
1 x Bolshevik Mounted Commanders
1 x White Officers
1 x White Artillery gun

Obviously the Bolshevik troops will be subject to conversion – mostly the shoulder boards for the Lewis Gunners and mounted commanders.

Rather than simply consign them to the boxes and eventual rediscovery by archaeologists in the late 22nd century I’ve decided to get them all painted straight away, so here’s the first of my pictorial history from bare metal to finished models

The figures are built and based:

I’ve added a standard bearer or two as well that I already had – they were simply based already, and I added a steel pin for the standard. IU’ll be adding some infantry standard bearers as well shortly.

As a result, I have some Bolshevik Lewis Gunners for sale, along with a mounted Bolshevik Commander – please contact me if interested.

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