Mission Impossible – Three Impossible Tasks

No, nothing to do with Tom Cruise’s divorce or films, but here’s three impossible things:

  • Keep a cat indoors against its will for three days, whilst having two other cats to let in/out.
  • Keep a conical collar on a cat for three days, even though it removed said collar within hours of its operation whilst still at the vets and under observation by trained vetinary nurses.
  • Maintain said Cat’s “Cool” status.

Yeah, Spades & Clawed went to the vets’ this morning. Spades got off lightly with a worming tablet. Clawed had an operation under anaesthetic, which as pet owners know is a big deal for cats. Well I collected him late afternoon, and other than some vomitting in the car he seems ok.

The first two Mission Impossibles, are for me to achieve. The third is for him.

You can see his operation was done just below his tail and he has three stitches.

So he has to wear a collar, and as a fashion statement, it just doesn’t cut it.

Clawed: Brilliant, I can’t get out, AND I am made to wear this stupid collar !

More gruesome photos here.

Spades meanwhile made light of his ordeal, and brought home a bird and a rodent this afternoon. 😦

Still, whilst waiting to collect him, I did manage to progress the CMG buildings to half way complete with their weathering/highlighting, K-rails, and finished off the Laserburn figure. Light levels permitting, they should be done tomorrow and photographed.

2 Responses to Mission Impossible – Three Impossible Tasks

  1. Wes says:

    It is very funny to read this, my cat got it’s ass kicked by another cat. She has a huge wounds just above her tail, like a hole to the bone and meat removed it three spots. The big though hunter is not house bound and in a cone.


  2. Clawed has previously had a stand up fight with Timmy the ginger Tom, but got the wounds on his face, as the vet said this was rare as mostly they get the wounds on their backside as they run away. This op was caused by a cyst, not fight wounds. he’s on the mend now, though there is a lot of thumping, as he walks into things with his collar.

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