WHFB: Dwarves vs Greenskins

Byakhee Jim came round to the dark tower of power yesterday (hence the lack of postings) for a game of Warhammer arranged at short notice.

We originally aimed for 4k of points, but due to his time keeping and my inability to field a Dwarf army of that size (I have enough figures but no idea on how to build a bvalanced army list) we shaved that down to 3,300 points. Neither of us knew what army we were fielding, so I caught Jim on the hop by fielding Dwarves instead of Dark Elves and I didn’t know he was fielding Greenskins.

Ok, the following pictures are not aesthetically edifying, Jim for once fielded an army with more paint on it than mine !

Of late, Jim’s Greenskins have maxed out on artillery: stone throwers and worst of all doom-divers. However, he was expecting dark Elves, so all of a sudden, CLANG, a spanner was in the works. Then during deployment my deployment further threw him off the ball. That said, I didn’t optimise my set up either, for which I paid dearly later.

As you can see at the far end of the table, was the newly renovated scenery piece which Jim managed to notice was much better…

Perception is my dump stat (it took me years to spot that it was), but even I noticed it was looking much better, and yes I spotted you can put figures in there as well now

You’ll also notice some more scenery pieces ripe for renovation. Having renovated two houses, I guess I have some more renovation projects at hand…

The 42 strong Orc Horde got pummelled by my artillery after I won initiative…

Then it was my army’s turn to be pummelled as Jim threw 8 power dice in his magic phase, used a power scroll and fired off a vortex spell: Curse of Da Bad Moon…in its souped up form and he chose Initiative as the stat to test against…12 Rangers, 16 Hammerers and 2 Organ Gun Crew later the Goblin Shaman (mounted on wolf rider at the board edge in the photo below) paid the price by being sucked into the realms of Chaos ending the vortex spell.

But at least I fielded a vortex sphere again, yay!

The two Giants, Savage Orc Shaman on Boar, Orc Warboss on Wyvern crept up on my flank, my X-bowmen retreated, leaving the daemon slayer to face one or more opponents. With what I realised by now were predictable results.

The sharp eyed will notice the white undercoated X-bowmen are all vintage (inc pre-slotta) Dwarves I have collected over the years and are lead nominally by my Dwarf PC from a fantasy campaign I ran in the mid 1990’s – Shambles.

The Rangers start rolling up Jim’s left flank.

The Miners start rolling up his right flank.

The Orc Horde looks a little anaemic.

My centre is not looking good though either !

We played for a full 7 rounds in all, there was no indication that Jim was avoiding his mother-in-law who was visiting. 😉

It was a marginal victory for Jim, but very close. Given this was my second battle with an army I’m unfamiliar with, and a a size of the army that I’d never played before I think I acquitted myself well.

More pictures here.

Lessons learnt:

  • I need to read my Dwarf army book and revise my spreadsheet drastically !
  • Don’t assume who your enemy will be
  • Don’t bunch your troops too much
  • Even a hero cannot be relied upon to defeat 3 Dwarf Artillery crew (let alone four if there’s an engineer)
  • Use it or lose it
  • Hordes are nice easy targets for artillery, so be careful with them
  • Daemon Slayers are not worth the PV, unless correctly used – and so far that correct use has eluded me !

During the game Spades only brought one new friend home to play with, but Clawed died and went to heaven when he was struck by a sunbeam and fell over:

Both are off to the vets tomorrow for treatment of minor ailments, in Spades’ case self inflicted – worms.

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