Renovating Scenery – 3

Here’s the scenery WIP:

I’ve painted the base and flocked it, done some washes on the scenery after using green stuff to cover the cracks. Added some ivy (actually mixed leaves from antenocitis) and some logs (twigs from the garden).

Next to be added will be rubble. I have started creating this, using the old favourite of chopping up plastic sprue. I looked at the tray of cuttings and wondered how I was going to paint/highlight it all as the cutting of the plastic leaves lots of white ends on each piece of rubble. I thought not with a brush – stuff that for a game of soldiers ! (ha!)

So I took them up to The Secret Room (garage) and leaving them in a plastic blister sprayed them with GW Roughcoat:

I could have used a simple grey spray instead. Leaving them in the blister means that they don’t get blown all over the place by the spray blast. Or stuck to the paper.

After a couple of accidents, I do all my spraying outside the house, most usually in The Secret Room, and have a work bench to do this and many other DIY projects on. Actually, it’s my great-Grand Parents’ kitchen table that my father used as a work bench, before handing it on to me. Waste not want not.

I’m now waiting for the pieces to dry before adding, and will also add static grass at the same time.

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