Laserburn Villa – Part 4

Well finally we have some decent light levels here (I really need a new camera and photobooth), so here’s how the villa turned out:

In the end I based it, using artists mounting card, used the same granite colour as for the baseboards. I added some GZG barrels and boxes, and used some flock to help key it in with the base.

I did end up highlighting the yellow door surroundings to make it a slightly more colourful piece of scenery. I’ve tried to leave it with lots of nooks and crannies to allow figures to hide behind the buttresses of the building, and the clutter around the building. No red barrels next to the building – we’ve invented a house rule that red stuff when hit can go BOOM !!!

As you can see, the base is much wider on one side, this is because I’d planned to add some concrete barriers that I have on order. Cutting a long story short the order has not yet arrived through no fault at all of antenocitis but is now on its way. As you can see from their web site, they do a stunning array of scenery (and now figures and vehicles) and I can highly recommend their products and service. In fact, their materials will be featuring in an update of the ruins scenery piece I’ll be posting shortly.

I’ll tack on the final scenery piece to a relevant Laserburn posting ASAP.

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