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The Film Noir is good for RPG scenarios and specific wargames scenarios, I think the Sci-Fi films are better for skirmish scenarios, especially Laserburn (hmm now just where did that villa get too ?):


Ripley: I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

For once, a modern action movie gets it right with good characters, sharp dialogue, plot and good SFX.
Sentry guns anyone ?

Star Wars

Not one for quotes this one, but a good plot and ideas – the dialogue is a bit stilted but it opens up a galaxy of characters, races and situations.

Blade Runner & Terminator 2

Both of these are about the superstrong ‘hidden amongst the crowd’ cyborg characters. Not only outstanding backgrounds these are able to slip into the background of any setting with the ultrapowerful being hidden amongst the crowd of civilians or even troops. Always a good surprise for players that a good GM can do. 😉

I guess these are also connected with Ash, Bishop, Call and David.

Our motto is: More Human, than Human.

Is Eve next ?

Battle Star Galactica

Ok, strictly speaking this is a DVD box set, but the pilot is really a made for TV movie and has plenty of scenarios suitable for both ground and space combat.

  • reckless humans
  • embedded cyborgs
  • AI/computer viruses
  • human factions fighting each other
  • cyborg factions fighting each other
  • competition for basic resources
  • staking out the oases in a barren galaxy

Let alone human resistance fighters fighting it out back on Caprica against the Cylons both robotic and cyborg.

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