Down in the woods…

…it’s not the Teddy Bears’ picnic…

Here’s some shambling monstrosoties that lurk deep in the wood:

L-R: Ral Partha Dark Young of Shubb Niggurath; Citadel Albion Fen Beast; Citadel AD&D Shambling Mound.

The Dark Young I painted about 12+ years ago and could really do with some more highlighting and then gloss varnish/water effect to make it slimey and horrible:

The Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath are horrifying, pitch-black monstrosities, seemingly made of ropy tentacles. They stand as tall as a tree (perhaps between twelve and twenty feet tall) on a pair of stumpy, hoofed legs. A mass of tentacles protrudes from their trunks where a head would normally be, and puckered maws, dripping green goo, cover their flanks. The monsters roughly resemble trees in silhouette — the trunks being the short legs and the tops of the trees represented by the ropy, branching bodies. The whole mass of these things smells like an open grave.

The Albion Fen Beast released as part of the Dark Shadows campaign. I got the original Limited Edition metal model but its now been released in Failcast. The Fenbeast is called foward as a sort of elemental creature from Albion’s many marshes, mires and fens.

It’s now available for the Storm of Magic supplement as a bound creature(s), along with The Truthsayer and Dark Emissary that were also released at the same time.

You may also notice the plastic base is warped – the perils of using plasto and not mixing it properly – the solvent melted the plastic base somewhat.

AD&D Shambling Mound

Shambling mounds are usually about six feet tall, with an eight foot girth, when they stand erect. Most weigh around 3,800 pounds. Their brains and sensory organs are located in their upper regions. In their natural environment, shambling mounds are almost invisible. They can move through water easily, and have been known to creep into camps in their range at night to attack. Stories tell of shambling mounds moving about in electrical storms without flinching from the frequent lightning strikes, even direct strikes.

Looking at the old Forces of Fantasy artwork by Tony Ackland, makes me want to kit bash some of the plastic WHFB trees and make them into shambling Huorns…

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