Getting Plastered, Lumberjacks, and Movement Trays

So, following on from yesterday, I stripped the scenery piece of the lichen bushes, bottle brush conifer trees and so on:

As you can see, I managed to rip one of the trees from its plastic base. Obviously I’m a lumberjack, cutting down the mighty trees…(adjusts his women’s underwear)…

Not all the lichen bushes came off, so there was a certain amount of hacking with knives.

And then I started adding some plaster to cover up the foamboard edge:

Top tips:

  • make sure the plaster is damp
  • use a proper plastering tool – got mine from a DIY shop
  • have a glass of water and keep your plastering tool wet – a tip I got whilst renovating houses
  • always have kitchen towel to hand when creating scenery
  • a broadsheet newspaper is as useful as a cutting mat.

Movement trays

In the background you can see some movement trays – not going to bore you with painting them, but it is interesting to note that the GW Cavalry bases are NOT 25mm wide, so be careful when carviung up movement trays for their cavalry. the cavalry bases are more like 23/24mm wide, and the cumulative difference on a 5 wide regiment is 10mm (1cm) and is noticeable.

Finally, my work is being overseen by the BUF again – Agent BlackJack:

He’s absolutely fascinated by it all, really quite strange.

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