Special Guest Superstar DJ : Daemons of Tzeentch

Here’s Rich’s WHFB Daemons of Tzeentch army.

Your intrepid reporter for The Carcosa Times posed some questions this time:

Why did you choose that army ?

Back in the days of the Hordes of Chaos army list I’d planned to do a mixed Beast / Mortal / Daemon Tzeentch army, so I already had collected quite a few Daemon models for that. And after painting lots and lots of brown Beastmen I thought the bright colours would be a nice change! And finally it would be easy to field a small daemon army as allies to my Beastmen (as I did in one of our Xmashammer games) so there was an immediate gaming inducement to paint them.

What are the unifying themes ?

The obvious one is the “mono-Tzeentch” content of the army. In the end I’ve included a few units from other parts of the army list, but in Tzeentch-ified form, such as “Tzeentchlings” instead of “Nurglings”. The other theme is to use bird headed characters for all of the Heralds of Tzeentch, starting with the GW Chaos Sorcerors and then taking models from other manufacturers like Darksword and Enigma.

Rich has also added blue gems to the bases of his army as you’ll see, and as exemplified here in his unit filler:

What are your favourite models ?

The Lord of Change always gets compliments, probably because he’s so darn big and so eye catching. I really like the Darksword Hawkman which I use as one of the Heralds, he’s an elegant model that really stands out with the “Bald Eagle” paint scheme. But my favourite model is probably Mindstealer, my “what if Skulltaker was a Tzeentchian Daemon” model, because he’s my own original concept and the conversion, a mixture of D&D rubber mind flayer, current plastic GW High Elf and classic metal GW Vampire parts, worked out just how I imagined him. Also, he is a vital part of the army’s fighting capability!


What were the most difficult/favourite conversions you did ?

Lots of the army is converted: the Horror standard bearers and musicians, the Heralds with interchangeble magnetised arms, and the Daemon Prince made out of an old edition Lord of Change. The most complex conversion of the lot is the Blue Scribes, with their library on a Disc of Tzeentch. The two scribes are metal horrors which were carefully bent into their poses with pliers in order to hold their books and scrolls. Some of their library is plastic bits scrounged off Dark Elf sprues, but most of it is hand made out of paper and scraps of metal wood and plastic, while the balsa wood shelves are supported by parts from an ancient Citadel Orc stonethrower. Definitely one of my most ambitious projects so far.


What you’d do differently ?

As it’s a relatively small army (about 120 models) I would have liked to do a more interesting basing scheme, perhaps even creating and casting my own themed resin bases. As it is they got a similar basing style to my Beastman army, and I suppose I’ll carry that on into a future Chaos Warrior army so the models are interchangeable. If I was really picky I’d go back and repaint the first batch of horrors and one of the Heralds because they are not as good as the later models, but I’ve got so many other projects to do I doubt I ever will.

What are your plans for the future of the army ?

There is little extra Tzeentch I can add to the army. Perhaps even more Flamers – I could legally field 28 in a 4000 point army and I only have 16, and they are by far the most effective part of the army. I want to get hold of and paint a Kairos Fateweaver model to use in big games as he’s the obvious thing missing from a Tzeentch only Daemon army.

The next major step for my Daemon army is to add the forces of Nurgle to it as he is my second favourite Chaos God. I already have one or two old Marauder Plaguebearers, where possible this will also be an old skool metal army. Some Nurgle Daemons will also add some much needed solidity to the army on the battlefield.

Great something more to look forward to !

In the meantime, viewers of today’s edition of The Carcosa Times, can see loads more pictures of Rich’s army here.

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