Projects – Saying NO is actually Ok !

Now then, let’s sit around on cheap plastic seats in a confessional circle in an awkwardly soulless community or church location[1], nervously exchange banalities before admitting we are all addicts. Yes, addicts to the small hard shiney stuff. Little toy soldiers.[2]

Well Ladies, Gentleman, Byakhees and Germs, I’m recovering well.

As a couple of the Byakhees commented several years ago I had way too many projects on the go, and consequently i wasn’t actually getting far with any of them. Now I also have one of those self improvement books that I got for my work life: Work Less, Achieve More. Its actually quite good because it allows you to say NO. No to all the useless clutter that you think you ought to do everyday. This is why I plan my life months ahead – if you’re not in the diary, sorry. [3]

I took stock of my various gaming projects: Samuari; Pirates; Bob/RCW; Dark Elves; Amazons; Hobgoblins; Ogres; Giants; Orcs & Goblins; Dwarves; Mordheim; Necromunda; Future Wars; Street Violence; SG-1; AWI; AVBCW; WW2 North Africa; WW2 Europe; Laserburn; Dark Ages….

You get the idea. Now even as a widower with a big house there is a limit on time and space. Also you don’t ever get to actually field a fully painted army of any one of your interests. This is exacerbated by my role as scenery boy where I create 95% of the group’s scenery and boards (I don’t mind but it is a distraction). Therefore I had to be ruthless and cut down the number of projects. Even running this blog distracts me from painting stuff.


  • Dark Elves – almost complete just the Cold One Knights and Chariots to go !
  • Hobgoblins – need to write the rules though
  • Dwarves
  • Laserburn – figures
  • AVBCW – finish the basic troops and make some characterful models/vehicles !
  • BoB – Whites

Long term:

  • Reds, Greens & Blacks – BoB Partizans
  • Amazons
  • Giants
  • RPG figures
  • AWI

The AWI, which are 28mm Perry figures are awaiting my painting skills to improve enough to justify painting these excellent sculpts. I’m really interested in the period, and think it’d be great to wargame having the colourfull uniforms of the Napoleonic era, but coupled with native (or indigenous) Americans, skirmishers and loads of other more characterfull troop types to offset my own perceived predjudice against blocks of units marching up to each other shooting and then fighting. And who here hasn’t seen the film Waterloo ? [4]

So, have you said No to stuff recently ?

i don’t need more but i must have it
more more
when the game gets old i must win
i must win
everyone else must lose
because i must win
we have met the weapon of mass destruction
and it is us

[1] Been there seen it done it, actually very useful TBH.
[2] If you’re still reading this then either you are on the wrong blog, or have been sucked in by my normal seeming ownership/stewardship/slavery to Cats… 😉
[3] The Byakhees know this, and newcomers are often surprised that I state I won’t make any commitment until I have checked my diary. Sorry that’s the way it works. I only have so much time…and that does sound arrogant…
[4] Yup, no link. There’s been too many links to youtube for film quotes so you’ll all have to suffer a self indulgent posting about my favourite films.

3 Responses to Projects – Saying NO is actually Ok !

  1. ruarigh says:

    Hello, my name is Roughage and I am a wargamer …

    All good points there, Giles, although running the blog can be used as a tool for helping to keep you on track with the projects. Anyhoo, I too am addicted to the new projects and so is Steve, my regular gaming buddy. Unfortunately, both of us egg each other on to new projects that swiftly get abandoned in the face of even shinier new projects. That\’s why we started the project-a-month thing. By focusing on one element of the ULP and agreeing to play it in the following month, we would actually achieve some of our goals. Amazing! Now if only I could make my thesis work the same way. I try, but it never seems to happen. 🙂

  2. Stuart Priest says:

    I feel your pain. Presently I am painting a) endless quantities of Crimson Fists for a friend who’s determined to collect the entire chapter, b) my Tomb Kings – gradually working through my unit of Necropolis Knights, c) customising a Beastman Gorgon and turning him into a Hierotitan b) trying to finish my Son’s raptors and now my daughter has decided she likes High Elves..

  3. Stuart Priest says:

    Waterloo?…..anorak on – ziiiiiiiiiiip…”now Maitland, now’s your time!’ ( love it too just wish they’d remake an accurate version)

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