WHFB Dwarves vs Daemons

Byakhees Rich and Anthony came round for a gaming session. I’ve been fighting Anthony’s stunties for nearly 30 years but have always liked the figures (mostly the Perry twins’ creations) and so have accumulated an army of my very own Dwarves. So being bored of dark Elves I thought it’d be great to play alongside Anthony again in a rare show of beardy solidarity.

Rich had 4k worth of Daemons and Anthony and I cobbled together two sets of 2k armies of Dwarves. Rich’s Daemons were gloriously pink and painted, whereas ours were variously naked metal, undercoated and semi painted (I claim to have 5 fully painted Dwarves). So the pictures won’t be edifying, but its evidence that we do actually play together which is by far the most important thing in the hobby !

It was a simple head on encounter. Anthony and I were sorting our army lists, especially mine, and we left Rich to set up the scenery on the board. This is very important to note. We can all rely on each other in our gaming group to set up a board of scenery that is balanced and fair. We’ll be rolling random deployment. We occasionally set up an unbalanced board, and then have pre-planned events, modifiers or other things to balance the game out. There is no room for power gamers in our group.

For once, Anthony & I won the drop, and went first. Anthony’s stone thrower’s managed to hit, and kill Rich’s Greater Daemon of Tzeentech straight away. Now I’ve got a a before and after set of photos of his spell cards which are contained in the usual selection of MORE photos. There may have been some trembly lip syndrome on the other side of the board. As I said at the time, I could sympathise to an extent with him, because my Hydra got similarly mullered in the first turn of a previous game, but then on the other hand – All is fair and Love and War.

and after:

Anthony’s Hammererererers got lucky and charged the Tzeentchlings and wiped them out, less lucky were the Slayers, who got massacred by Rich’s Flamers. My organ guns tore out a lot flamers (funny how I brought them eh ?). The screamers went into action with little actual damage for once – I guess that’s the difference between 2 Dark Elf RBT crew and 4 Dwarf Crew !

With most units engaged, the hardiness of the Dwarves proved too much for the Daemons. Like my Dark Elves, if they didn’t defeat the enemy on the charge, they paid a terrible price. In the last round, two of my Dwarf units charged the 80, yes 80 strong unit of Pink Horrors that was the mainstay of Rich’s army. They were both flank charges, and there was a filed frontal charge from my Dwarf Warriors. We were locked in combat, so as Anthony had to head home we knew the Dwarves had made a marginal victory.

However, in return, Rich finally got off a spell – the Purple sun of Xereus – which wiped out 15 Dwarf Warriorererers, 10 or more Thunderererers, and another 10 or so Warriorererers !!! If we’d have continued the game we’d have been both losing a lot of troops. nasty stuff, but it did allow me to dramatically add the Storm of Magic sphere on the board.

To make the victory more sound, I found I’d forgotten to deploy my 20 Slayers. Well that’ll teach me to read my army list properly won’t it ?

In summary – we got lucky killing Rich’s Greater Daemon of Tzeentch in the first round, and he then found that Dwarf Artillery crew are way more resilient than Dark Elf artillery crew.

Lessons to learn:

  • Dwarf Artillery Crew require more than the usual flanking/scouting/harpy/Fury units to deal with, need 10 of the last two types !
  • RTFM – that’s aimed at me – though I have a wafer thin mint defence (later)
  • Never rely on magic
  • Organ Guns are horrible !
  • Ward saves are irritating

Other things:

  • We saw Rich’s awesome conversions and paint jobs
  • And Anthony’s paint jobs are starting to really enliven his army
  • I deployed my very old Dwarf Figures (yay!)
  • I rummaged through boxes not opened this side of the millenium and built loads of stuff
  • We had FUN, the most important thing of all IMNSHO !

Lest we forget:

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