AVBCW – Roadblock at Castlemorton – Hidden Movement

Today Gav H and I had a game of AVBCW trying out some new tweaks to rules, including hidden deployment/movement.

Gav H played the heroic MHC LDV and I played the BUF who were defending a road block somewhere around Castlemorton common near Malvern:

Each unit was deployed represented by a playing card, with an extra two dummy cards, Gav H had a total of 9 and I had a total of 8 cards. I ahd knocked up some rough and ready rules for spotting units properly. They’re really designed for games bigger than the 6×4′ table we used, but it was worth giving them a whirl. By the end of the second turn only Gav’s Croydon Crusher had been revealed.

And then it got blown up by my mortar that evaded detection.

But it was Gav’s troops that had the hawk’s eyes, and identified my army long before I spotted all of his – for example, down the rustic roadway there was much furtive foliage fumbling, but my BUF (probably townies) couldn’t see anything at all for several turns…

It was an evenly pitched battle, but in the end the MHC had the slight advantage and so we called it a day with the BUF probably slipping away in the dusk.

The hidden deployment and spotting rules worked ok – a few wrinkles to iron out – and we will use them again.

A British Union of Felines observer (again):

More here. Suffice to say we’ll be using the hidden deployment/movement rules again. 🙂

One Response to AVBCW – Roadblock at Castlemorton – Hidden Movement

  1. PanzerKaput says:

    Great setup and report, but watch out for the BUF lol

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