WHFB Dark Elves – The Ladies of Spears

Dark Elf armies are well known to contain both male and female warriors – always have done as can be seen from the cover of the Book of Battalions I posted yesterday.

So its unsurprising that I sifted through my figures and found enough females to make an all female unit of Spears. Dark Elves are my No.1 army you might have guessed. This is also another ‘planned’ unit – given that only one torso in 4 is female on the plastic spearman sprue you have to.

I painted the shoulder and breast plates gold to make them stand out even more (ahem), and added one of the new hero figures to lead it.

They’re only been out a couple of times in games, but this will change. I have yet to think of a name for their leader.
Still they make a nice change to just A N Other Dark Elf spearman unit.

Other than that they are also keyed into my Dark Elf army with the usual paint job. One of the problems with Dark Elves is not making them all wear Black. I think I’ll I’ll get the Black out now.

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