WHFB Giants – Part 5 – Glune’s Trek

I mentioned earlier that I ahd a lot of Giants, more than any normal sane person needs, but then I am not normal and probably not sane. I also mentioned Glune’s Trek and the fourth book in the Forces of Fantasy supplement for Warhammer v1.

Not shown on the back of the box, was a fourth book: The Book of Battalions.

In the Introduction it described itself as:

Then the book went on to describe their armies, and they have some really good names of armies and regiments, one of which is Glune’s Trek. Yes, an entire Army of Giants:

And that is what I am trying to recreate.

Battalion 1:
Glune, Herman and Stunto Wayfoot (3)

Battalion 2:
Crusher Rockleg, Tiny Spindlelimb, and two more Spindlelimbs (4)

Battalion 3
The Small Giants (10)
The Wrongturning Giants (10)
Assjacks, Rotten-Hides, Ditchbottoms & Hanglightlys (10)

Maybe one day I’ll return for Giants – Part 6 – with the full army painted and photographed.

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