AVBCW – LDV Support Weapons

My Local Defence Volunteers (LDV) are the Malvern Hills Conservators, though most of the figures are generic enough to belong to any LDV which is always handy when you pitch up at a Big Game not knowing which side you’re on and which force you represent.

Here’s my support weapons:

The first HMG, from Musketeer Miniatures:

One of the ‘things’ with AVBCW is that other than a small dedicated range, we have to scavenge, modify or kit bash from other ranges, so here’s Foundry’s Not Dad’s Army being used:

Their HMG only comes with two crew, so I filched a kneeling miniature from one of their infantry packs to make the third crew. This scavenging from various ranges does broaden the mind and impoverish the wallet. But its part of the quirky nature of the genre.

And here is the mortar – a weapon woefully underused IMHO in many AVBCW armies, by Great War Miniatures from their WW1 range:

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