The March Violets – Live B’ham 8th June 2012 – Do you like Crows ?

Went up to B’ham with Byakhee Tom V, and friend John to see The March Violets. This initial posting is written as I wind down from an excellent gig and driving for 1.5 hours back which tends to wake you up !

I’d seen some live footage on you tube obviously taken with cameras, and it looked pretty ropey sound wise, but I am very pleased to say the gig was excellent and had a big grin on my face for most of it. (NB: Sober as I was driving!)

Watching the support band “Die Laughing“, I ended up having a quick chat with Tom Ashton the Violets’ guitarist who ended up standing next to me (or vice versa) and he seems a really pleasant chat and he said they’d be playing some of their new tracks. From the on stage banter when they did, it seems like this is the first time some of them have been played live.

Quite a small gig – the first of their mini-tour before they release their first ‘proper’ album, despite having a back catalogue that could fill two-three albums and knock the spots off many more well known bands – see their web site for details esp The Botanic Verses.

On they come and they certainly had stage presence, especially Rosie, who was in some outfit that most closely resembled something out of a deviant version of Iron Sky. They kicked off with ‘We are all Gods’ with Jo on electric violin…Approx play list is below…

Crowd started warming up and as said there was a reasonable amount of banter to introduce songs old and new. Si was heckling the sound crew and they fixed a minor problem with the sound (personally I thought it was ok). Alas tragedy struck, a minute or so into Dandelion King, the drum machine dies…Si & Tom rush to its aid, well this is the Nurse after all. Rosie then takes control of the situation and she’s obviously well practised at this with some riske comments:

Now then boys and girls, and everyone in between…

We decided when we started not to get a drummer – they nick your drink and take up too much room on stage – so we got a drum machine. I mean what could go wrong ?

The boys are fixing the drum machine, us girls don’t know about that sort of stuff, so we just stand up front stage and talk about kittens and embroidery.

Has this place got a pole ? If so I volunteer Jo to do some pole dancing.

Whilst annoying not to get the full song due to technical difficulties, the now re-started drum machine behaved itself for the rest of the gig and the crowd were still happy bunnies. If anything the consummate professional way they dealt with this problem made them more endearing and the atmosphere improved.

Musically it was an excellent display, given that Rosie had throat cancer a few years back she has an incredible voice. The live versions of new and old stuff are equally good, and some tracks I liked better live than on the recorded versions because of the subtle differences. I’m looking forward to the new album even more.

And I even got some new t-shirts.

NB: John took a few pictures, and Tom V acquired some posters, so this posting will be subject to revision and addition.

Play List

We are all Gods
Dress For You
Grooving In Green
A New Song
Crow Baby
Dandelion King (aborted)
Radiant Boys
Tokyo Flow
Made Glorious
Walk into the Sun

Road of Bones

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