Special Guest Superstar DJ – Ogre Kingdoms

A quiet day today, rubbish light again (it is the British summer) and various bits and bobs drying so hopefully you will get to see the Sci-Fi Villa now its almost done. That is if I recover in time tomorrow and have any sense of hearing left.

Anyhow, this wee’s Special Guest Superstar DJ is Byakhee Stuart’s Ogre Kingdoms. Stuart does take the odd commission and I know he was driven potty at one point by a client who had used all the extras on all the sprues for some Ogres he sent for painting…

Ogre Bull – just a simple nice paintjob and photo:

Iron Guts:

Gnoblar Trappers:

More stuff here, including Yheetees, Butcher, Leasdbelcher and some more large Ogres !

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