WHFB Giants – Part 4 – Nineties & Noughties

The next Giant to be released was by Marauder (advertised in WD124), technically a separate firm, but really a bolt hole for Ali & Trish Morrison (now Carden) and later Colin Dixon. The models were later subsumed back into Citadel and released in Citadel blisters/boxes.

It’s much bigger than the previous Citadel releases.

And his weapon:

Then there were the Giants of Albion (Trish Morrison AFAIK).

Tall and comparatively spindly these are very complex models requiring a lot of pinning (thanks Richard).

Before a final Perry Giant for the Orcs & Goblins army:

Back to the thick set Giant style.

And I’ve already posted my painted plastic Giant.

I again have all these, as some of the metal shots show, but these figures take time to construct and longer to paint because of their size, complexity and because they have so much character.

So that’s all the Giants…next up why I have so many Giants: Glune’s Trek… 😉

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