Movement Trays

Movement Trays are a necessary Evil outside of skirmish games. When you’ve got 50+ figures to move it gets tedious, time consuming and of course you’re damaging the paint job every time you pick the figure up. I’ve used the GW trays before, made my own efforts and used a few MDF ones I’ve bought at shows from various producers. the size of my armies is now so large my ad-hoc approach can’t continue.

I therefore made a small order from Sarissa:

The trays come as simple kits of two pieces. I bought a 2×5 for 20mm square bases, for my Dark Elf Shades, a 1×5 for some Harpies and a 3×5 for some other unit, I can’t remember their name, beings with M…Meng…Mangle…Menhide…no it’s gone I’m sure a Byakhee will remind me later. 😉

Here’re the Harpies:

The base has been assembled and painted with my light biscuit brown base paint, that’s it, so will look better when flocked and had static grass added.. I think using these movement trays will help reduce the handling of the figures and in the case of many Dark Elf miniatures, breaking off of small components like wings of the cross bars on cross bows.

Rich & I plan a large order of these skirmish trays as they are the most annoying and fiddly to build from scratch. Does the job !

As I also have lots of 25mm round based figures, I ordered a packet of them too for my AVBCW/RCW/BoB armies

The figure sits a bit low in the base, but when flocked and static grass added will look ok.
Sadly these are 2×4, so only 8 figures because they are designed for a certain wargame. They’re also a little tight for the plastic Renadra bases.

Most of the games I play demand 10 or 2×5 units. So I contacted Sarissa and asked if they could do this size of movement tray. The simple answer was YES.
Ask and ye shall receive.

So now I would like to know how many movement trays people would like to encourage them to produce 2×5 movement trays for 25mm round bases.

Same size of round bases (to fit Renedra/slotta bases). (Maybe 1mm wider for a looser fit)
Initially I’d want simple ranked layout.
Same spacing.

Later, I might want the same again, but with a wider spacing – maybe 1″ apart, but I’d like to get the first set of trays done.

What do people think ?

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