WHFB Giants – Part 3 – The Next Giant Generation, and Elementary

In White Dwarf No. 94 the new Citadel range of Giants was advertised. The first range had been done by the prolific Perry twins, and the new range were done by Nick Bibby[1] who had done many a good monstrous creature before.

Thus I got my third Giant.

And was not very impressed.
Technically the sculpting was fine.
But this wasn’t a dynamic pose, you can honestly say these poses were flat:

I got bored painting it. The weapons didn’t fit well with the hands either.

As these models again came with separate heads and weapons, a fair degree of customisation is possible. I haven’t ttried it but I think they may be able to share some parts with the earlier and subsequent giants.

harking back again to Forces of Fantasy, they had a guide on painting the various races with colours and design suggestions for the Giants they commented:

This is certainly the case !

[1] Like these. Scratched into the underside of the base is N. B.

And these.

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