WHFB Giants – Part 2 – Hitting the mother lode of lead

1990, I’m at Uni, with only one small but very traditional toy and model shop (Albatross) – you know the ones…floor to ceiling shelving groaning under the weight of a treasure trove of shiney stuff. All too rare these days. 😦

The proprieter, Mr Jones, was undertaking a bit of renovation to his stock room and had obviously come across some old stock so he put them up on the small carousel of blister packs. They were amongst others lots of the original C28 Giants. And at the old prices. Even by then these models had long been OOP. So I had to forgo a few pints of Adddlllsshtones cider in the pub. As you will have noticed in the earlier posting these consisted of a body with various heads and weapons supplied so there was quite a range of options.

Up to that point I had the Tom meier giant with scythe and one rather dull C28 giant. Here’s some of the ones I bought and painted whilst at uni…in faxt it was a running joke in my flat as to what I was painting as Stuart (a different one) always knew what I was painting and would give a strangled shout of “Giant”, pronounced “GUYANT”…

One with balls, πŸ˜‰
(Stop sniggering at the back)

A Norse Giant:

Must be into chains and whips this one:

There are also a couple of variant bodies I have picked up, but not yet painted and will photo these shortly.

As you can see, my painting back then was a fair bit cruder than what I do today (well I think so). GW Bronzed flesh does now have a slightly sallow hue to it, especially compared to the Foundry flesh colours and the GW washes. But 22 years ago we were not spolit for choice with paints etc ! I’ll keep these and not dip them, as yes you’ve guessed it, I have duplicates of all of them that I will get around to painting one day with modern paints and my somewhat better painting techniques. Now why would I want so many GUYANTS ? Hmmm, well the Forces of Fantasy boxed set came with a fourth booklet: “The Book of Battalions“…not mentioned on the back of the box… πŸ˜‰

Note also at this point, we really only had different colours of flock and railway ballast. So I was scouring the beach for pebbles, pieces of wood and twigs to add to the bases.

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