AVBCW Petrol heads

I’ve got a small armoured park of tanks that will be photographed later, but often overlooked are the other vehicles we can use in AVBCW, so here’s a few:

A Bedford Lorry in green (British Racing Green naturally) for transporting your LDV troops:

And in Black for your BUF bully boys (I’ll just get the black out…):

Both of these were from BEF, now Warlord (NB: Warlord remodelled them and removed the base)

Sutton Skunk/Holt tractor:

From Company B. Comes with a Lewis Gun. I have this one done up in simple green, and another done up for BoB in a German WW1 style camo of mustard yellow, rust red and green.

This was created in China by One Armed Sutton, a British/Canadian mercenary in the employ of various Chinese Warlords. based on a Holt tractor base, he provided some armour and the Lewis Gun to help move his Stokes Moratr and crews round the battlefield. ideal for AVBCW as it can be knocked up with some basic armour on any tractor in rural Britian in 1938. You can even get a model of Sutton – BC20, far right miniature

Finally, and by no means least, the Croydon Crusher:

The 1930’s Quad Bike with Attitude ! Model by Muttonchops !! This was based on earlier efforts at armed motorcycles. And jolly spiffing it is too. I can imagine the MHC guys zipping round the Malvern Hills paths on these things sorting out BUF oiks, recalcitrant Anglicans and Reds, whilst helping out little old ladies and rounding up flocks of marauding sheep.

The only downside is my personal belief shared with others that there’s a bit too much mechanised warfare sometimes in some games of AVBCW, which is why I have invested in cavarly, including the new Musketeer WW1 BEF (BEF 13/14), though I’m needing the help of Byakhee Rich for that to drill the hands out for the lances.

Plus how we can account for them as something more than just bullet sponges in AVBCW games.

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