WHFB Giants – Part 1 – In the beginning…

Way back when, I participated in a Warhammer Charity battle. With an embarrasing haircut at age 13, about a dozen of us staged a big game of Warhammer to raise some money for the shop keeper’s son who had cancer (the shop where we bought our figures). We raised over £100 and got our mugshots in the Malvern Gazette.

I fielded Hobgoblins and a ragtag army of everything I had back then. It was my first experience of encountering Giants – Giants brought by Andy. Way back then, we did a lot of RPGing, and decided that when the Giants had attacked the Orc Bolt Throwers and driven off their Orc crews, they could pick them up and use them as one off Crossbows. Gavin A has never ever liked Giants since then. Nearly three decades of animosity does seem extreme ! 😀

Andy’s Giants were the from the first proper range of Giants that Citadel did.

And woah there – they weren’t the first Giants, more of which later ! 😉

Now, this was just as the second edition of Warhammer was being dsitributed, so we were still using a lot of VERY old stuff:

Which came with the (then) standard three books covering the basic rules, armies and magic respectively. Including Giants:

AS you can see from the Giants rules page…they had basically a game of Dwarf skittles…mucho fun !
And True Giants.
Something which GW have brought back in their Storm of Magic rules book, where the True Giants really are T7 etc etc etc…

Could this be due to scale creep ?

(Left – first range of Citadel Giants, Middle – modern plastic giant, Right – Ral Partha D&D Cyclops

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